December 3rd, 2001

Photo - leaves


at 8.00pm, there will be a "farscape" rant here...

i warn you in advance. it will NOT be pretty!

meep! one hour to go!!!! (now i know why i stay spoiler free - the anticipation of seeing what you know is even worse than waiting for a surprise...)
Photo - leaves

that's it. i'm gonna kill me some writers.




they. killed. john.

more to the point, they killed talynjohn! moyajohn would have been bad enough, but noooo, it had to be taylnjohn. but then, i think it was inevitable. it's scifi lore.

but god... did they have to be so damn cruel???

i was a goner as soon as the deep music started before he made the wormhole. the sense of impending doom was enough.

then, the actual death scene. i knew it was going to be bad. i didn't know it was going to be that bad.... i started sniffling at the "i love you"s (talking of which, that part in the sand buggy? what the frell was that??) and i was crying my head off by the end. i spent the credits searching for a box of tissues and wailing.

and, i think this is a record. the longest "previously on" in the history of the universe. ever. also, the only episode i've known where i spent 45 minutes going "shit!" at random intervals...

okay... i'm recovering slowly... slowly.

oh yeah, and here's an image i didn't need... "i'm a bannick slave, i'm his slave..." as if it wasn't bad enough with rygel in the bondage mask last season, we now have the image of stark... ewww.

claudia black never ceases to amaze me. i hate her. she's too damn talented. frell, they both are! i don't care if it's not a movie, give them both a frelling oscar, and emmies each, and golden globes, and everything else they can win!

and damn. i nearly liked crais... double damn. i did like rygel... :-/

but *sigh*. angst. death. those writers totally planned this one, right from the moment they cloned john. i can just see them. "okay, we have two johns... this is stupid, we only need one... aha! and hey, we can piss the shippers off at the same time!"


no, i don't mean that. they'll rectify it... in about a million years.

okay, now i'm going to stop before i hurt myself.

and grrrrrr, bloody snooker next week!