December 8th, 2001

Photo - leaves

right. something got done

after a long struggle with image transparencies, image maps, and silly angelfire guestbook problems (that resulted in me having 6 of them, all slightly different, without realising...) i have finally got a reasonably impressive page up (even if the layout is a little dodgy.)

here is my brand new page :) enjoy! and NOW, you can even sign a brand new guest book, so please do :)
Photo - leaves

heh, cool!

reason why i chose to write my essay on p.o.t.o. books...

i have 1000 words already without even thinking :) i'll probably go over the bloody word count :)

then, one more to go! and that's only 1000 words anyway, and it's a personal reflective thingy, which are always a blag-fest, so yay! i'm nearly done for christmas! all i have left to do is the final crit. theory test, and i'm FINISHED!!!

did i mention the new guest book, by the way?

i'm sure i forgot :)

here. if you would be so kind as to oblige :)
Photo - leaves


can anyone explain why, when i just opened my mailbox, windows took it upon itself to throw about 50 i.e. boxes at me whenever i moved the mouse even an increment around the screen???

and, in that case, why it then saw fit to crash in a most graceful manner, thus deleting the 500 words i'd just typed??

me scareded...