January 7th, 2002

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in the beginning, there was warp 4.5...

don't read this, first of all, if you don't want spoilers for "enterprise".

it was on tonight. it's... interesting. it's also very funny. but i keep waiting for captain archer to say "oh boy", and a hologram in a snazzy suit to appear and tell him ziggy says there's a 90% chance that he's there to save the vulcan lady... (for those not in the know, he's played by scott bakula, aka sam beckett from "quantum leap") i swear, they HAVE to give dean stockwell a cameo!

and the vulcan lady in question, t'pol... um... seven of nine, but pre-kirk, basically. same premise. but i like her, she's funny, and nowhere near as annoying as tuvok.

they're gonna have a gay guy in it, (possibly) and it's the british one, and he likes blowing stuff up! tucker looks like barry bostwick. hoshi sato (i think that's her name) is quite cool, she's like a human translator microbe :)

the c.m.o, dr. phlox, is like a combination of the doctor and neelix off voyager. apparently, the writer's haven't decided where he's from yet. ahem, cop out, anyone??

and then there's porthos, the cutest character ever! they. have. a. pet. beagle! and it tried to hump t'pol's leg! (then again, so did tucker, but that's an entirely different story...)

so, yes, "enterprise" is off to a promising start. klingons, vulcans, and the suliban - strange bendy aliens, a la tooms... (and the vulcan ambassador guy was a vorta in ds9...)

they introduced "the new weapons" - phasers. "they have two settings - kill and stun. best not get them mixed up". (archer shoots a suliban) "well... stun seems to work..."

and and and... they mentioned rygel! it's a klingon word! i was sniggering my head off. actually, it's rigel 10, a... planet, or system, or something vaguely klingon.

i think that's about all i remember. oh yeah, continuity error so far in that klingons look like klingons as we know and love them... and this is pre-kirk, and in t.o.s. klingons didn't look like klingons... (remember, ds9, "trials and tribble-ations"? worf said "we do not like to discuss it...") i think they're going to explain that one later. i'll give them time.

and... shipping-wise, on first glance... i'm reckoning archer/t'pol or tucker/t'pol (but that, as you'll see, is WAY too obvious). and... the british one (forgot his name already) and... either tucker or mayweather... they have to do a slash plot or it's just not going to work! :)

so, that was "enterprise". for cast lists and dren like that, if you're desperately interested, go here.

now, something i just got sent, and completely unrelated.

on we go to "the phantom of the opera" movie. i will avoid ranting. first, read this. *relevant parts are emboldened by me* i will comment on the numbered points in a moment.

"The Sunday Express
January 6, 2002
(Many thanks to Joy Chettle)


There is good news and bad news for Michael Crawford fans. The good news is that he could yet star in the film version of Phantom of the Opera, as Antonio Banderas, I can reveal, has lost the role.(1) The bad news is that the prospect remains unlikely, since Banderas is being sidelined for his lack of box-office clout after a string of flops.(2)

Lord Lloyd-Webber has grown increasingly frustrated with the failure of Warner Bros. to give the project the green light, and has been reluctantly forced to consider other, more bankable, movie stars(3) to play the tragic anti-hero immortalised by Crawford on stage.

"No casting decisions have been made at all," says a spokeswoman for the composer. Last March, Banderas was enthusing about the prospect of making the film, revealing that he had already learned all the lyrics.(4) He said " I know Phantom like I wrote it - not just Phantom, but practically everything that Andrew wrote. Two weeks ago, Andrew called me. He was very excited on the phone and said 'Antonio, we got it. We've got the script that we want to have. And I wrote the new music I wanted to write.'"

What they didn't have was the money. At the Variety Club Christmas lunch in London's Hilton hotel, Lloyd Webber harrumphed that the movie had been delayed yet again. "Once again the movie isn't going ahead" he said. Some colossal flops starring Banderas, including period melodrama Original Sin, Crazy in Alabama and The Body, didn't help matters with studio bosses.

Now Lloyd Webber faces the difficult choice of persisting with Banderas and risking never getting the film made, or attaching another star - possibly John Travolta(5), who is known to be very keen. But he remains optimistic. "The project is definitely going ahead and is expected to be green-lit in 2002(6)," adds his spokeswoman."

right. here we go...

1)words do not describe my utter, complete joy. seriously. finally, we have prevailed. although i know they didn't listen to the phans (after all, what would WE know, we only love this thing to death, and know it inside out and back to front...) but. the banderas. is OUT!!!!!!! *does her little happy dance*
2) *sticks tongue out in a very childish manner* ha ha ha ha! the banderas is a flopper! that's very amusing :)
3) it's all about the frelling money! god-forbid they actually cast someone suitable for the damn role... no, it's all about how many bloody punters they can pull in! i think they completely underestimate the phan base this show has, and that it doesn't need a goddamn movie star. it's not like they need someone attractive, he's covered in makeup and a mask for the whole damn thing! *grunts in a very pissed off way* just get someone from the frelling west end. god, get dave willets! anyone! just get someone with the talent and the stage presence to pull it off! anyway, moving on...
4) so. he's learnt the lyrics. well, um... good!? i would hope so. what, he's gonna have an autocue all the way through?! and duh, the entire bloody phan community knows the lyrics, and probably knows them better than him, and DEFINITELY knows the character better. and, we don't want a spanglish phantom. or 'phamton', as he'd prefer to call it. *sigh*
5) *gulps fearfully* i recall saying a while back that i would see this with anyone but the banderas. but i never considered they might cast john travolta... i'll admit, he can sing better (hell, anyone can) than the banderas. again, i say, we don't need a movie star...
6) woo. we get a movie this year. famous last words...

on a final note, i'd just like to say that ewan macgregor would make a fantastic raoul! i would never have said so after "moulin rouge", but now... he'd be perfect, and shut the damn WB execs up, too...

and that, dear friends, is it. i hope you enjoyed my lovely rant.