January 21st, 2002

Photo - leaves


right, and here's the rest of that fic...

*DominarXVI has left the room*

*HeavyD has entered the room*

Earpboy: Hey, D�Argo.
Moyapilot: Hello, Ka D�Argo.
Talynpilot: Likewise.
HeavyD: Finally!
PKChick: What?
HeavyD: The frelling thing wouldn�t let me in! I think Chiana did something.
PKChick: Ah�
PKChick: That would explain why she wasn�t with you earlier�
Earpboy: I�d give the girl some credit. She caught on the fastest out of all of you. Imagine� Chi�s already a prime hacker, Crais is changin� names like there�s no tomorrow, and Pilot�s doing actions.
Earpboy: Aeryn, I thought you were meant to be the smart one!

*PKChick smacks Earpboy*

Earpboy: Exactly how many bruises are you trying to make?
PKChick: 46.
Earpboy: WHY?
PKChick: Dunno. Seems like a good number.
Earpboy: Fine� how many are you up to?
PKChick: 10.
Earpboy: 10?
PKChick: 10.
HeavyD: Can I add some?
Earpboy: No you frelling can�t!
HeavyD: Why not?
PKChick: You�ll damage him.
Earpboy: Um� and you *can* damage me� why?
PKChick: I�m your grunt, remember?
Earpboy: What IS that, anyway?
PKChick: Doesn�t matter.
PKChick: Anyway, D�Argo can�t damage you, because if he does, there�ll be nothing left for *me* to damage�

*HeavyD laughs*

Moyapilot: I could hold him steady for you, if you wish.
PKChick: Thank you, Pilot. It won�t be necessary�
Talynpilot: I�d add some bruises myself, but I�d rather just watch�
Earpboy: Thanks. All gang up on the Human�
Earpboy: Ew, Crais!
Talynpilot: What?
Earpboy: Oh� sorry. I thought you meant something else�

*PKChick slaps Earpboy*

Earpboy: That makes 11...
PKChick: You�re disgusting.

*NerriSis has entered the room*

*Screaming_Boolite_Girl has entered the room*

HeavyD: Chiana!!
NerriSis: Uh-oh�
HeavyD: What the frell did you do?? It took me seventeen attempts to get in here!
NerriSis: I didn�t do anything!
Earpboy: Does anybody else *not* believe her?
PKChick: Me.
Talynpilot: And me.
Moyapilot: I know for a fact it was Chiana. I just do not know how.
NerriSis: Pilot!
Screaming_Boolite_Girl: Oooh! Busted.
NerriSis: Shut your FRELLING mouth!
Screaming_Boolite_Girl: No.
Talynpilot: Here we go again�
Screaming_Boolite_Girl: Bialar???

*Screaming_Boolite_Girl giggles happily and tackle hugs Talynpilot*

Talynpilot: Oh, no�
Talynpilot: Uh, I mean� Bialar who?
Screaming_Boolite_Girl: I know it�s you.
Talynpilot: It�s not me� um� him. I don�t know who you are.
PKChick: You�re such a terrible liar, Crais� even when we can�t hear you.
Screaming_Boolite_Girl: I *knew* it was you!
Talynpilot: Thank you, Aeryn. Thank you so very much�
Earpboy: Ooh, I love it when you stab your ex-Captain in the back�
PKChick: You know, those other 35 bruises could turn into a stab wound of your own�
Earpboy: Point taken.

*Earpboy surrenders*

Earpboy: I�m all yours.
NerriSis: You�re frelled� :D
Earpboy: Chance would be a fine thing�

*DominarXVI has entered the room*

DominarXVI: Oh, please, are you STILL at it?
HeavyD: Rygel, there�s stuff missing from my quarters. I want it back by tomorrow or that throne sled will be riding *you*.
DominarXVI: Frell you, Luxan. Why don�t you try Chiana�s quarters?
Moyapilot: It wasn�t Chiana.
NerriSis: Thanks, Pilot! You know I love you, really�

*Minh has entered the room*

PKChick: You again?? How are you getting in?
Minh: beats me�
Minh: anyhoo, i was wondering if you guys could, um, get out of my brain for a microt?
Earpboy: I wasn�t aware we were in there�
Minh: oh, yeah, you are. trust me. it�s just, it�s like one in the frelling morning, and i want to go to bed, and i have to finish this damn thing first. so, could you all vamoose? skidaddle? scarper?
PKChick: John, I get the impression you�re the only one this makes any sense to�
Minh: get the frell outta here!
Earpboy: Okay, geez! Just give us a few minutes�
Minh: you�ve had arns� oh, fine� you�ve got 120 microts, then it ends whether you�re out or not.

*Minh has left the room*

HeavyD: Who was that?
Earpboy: Looooong story.
HeavyD: Well, I have to go anyway. Rygel, you�d better pray you get to your quarters before me�
Earpboy: Bye, dude.

*HeavyD has left the room*

*DominarXVI has left the room*

Talynpilot: I should go, too�
Screaming_Boolite_Girl: If you�re going, I�m going.
Talynpilot: Crichton, I hold you personally responsible for this�

*Talynpilot has left the room*

*Screaming_Boolite_Girl has left the room*

Moyapilot: I have multi-tasking to attend to. Goodbye, Aeryn, Commander.
PKChick: Goodbye, Pilot.
Earpboy: See ya.

*Moyapilot has left the room*

NerriSis: I don�t suppose either of you guys want me around� And anyway, if I�m last to leave, the entire thing will crash.
Earpboy: Woo! Go, Chi!
NerriSis: I thought you�d like that. Have fun, you two!

*NerriSis has left the room*

Earpboy: I guess that just leaves us�
PKChick: Yes� we�ve overstayed our 120 microts.
Earpboy: As it�s us, I think she�ll let us off.
PKChick: I suppose.
PKChick: John?
Earpboy: Yeah?
PKChick: Where exactly are you?
Earpboy: I was going to ask you the same thing. Seems kinda pointless now, doesn�t it?
PKChick: Yes. I�m in Command.
Earpboy: I�m� on the actual Terrace.
PKChick: Stay there.
Earpboy: Why?
PKChick: I have a surprise for you.
Earpboy: Is it more bruises?
PKChick: Maybe� maybe not�
Earpboy: Interesting�
Earpboy: Okay, I�ll stay put.
PKChick: And I�ll be right there.

*PKChick has left the room*

Earpboy: Whaddaya know� online romances *do* work after all�

*Earpboy has left the room*

*Bannick_the_Stark has entered the room*

Bannick_the_Stark: Hello?
Bannick_the_Stark: Oh�
Blue: Hello, Stark.
Bannick_the_Stark: Zhaan?!
Blue: Yes, Stark. I have been here the whole time.
Bannick_the_Stark: I knew it! I knew it I knew it! They didn�t believe me!
Blue: Stark?
Bannick_the_Stark: Yes?
Blue: You�re doing it again�
Bannick_the_Stark: It�s another hallucination?
Blue: I�m afraid so.
Bannick_the_Stark: Oh�

*Bannick_the_Stark has left the room*

*Room - Terrace - no guests*

Thank God that�s all over. You have no idea how long it wanted to be� If you�re all still alive and coherent, please review. Thank you. If you review, I promise not to do this again�

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