February 3rd, 2002

Photo - leaves

farscape ramblings from the board that i wish to share here, too...

okay, i've been thinking about this, and how john's dreams/fantasies had everyone on earth. i've just been wondering/pondering on a few things... (this is the same as the message board version, but embellished and spellchecked...)

1) aeryn - would easily pass as a human (as proven by john in the pilot episode, for goodness sake!), and it's entirely plausible that even if she can't speak english, she can understand it, and just the same, john would plausibly be able to understand her even if he can't speak her language. it's a wild shot, but it could happen. she'd probably have the least problems being accepted there, and, ironically, the most problems adapting. even in john's head, after all, (aside from all the shippy wedding-y scenes, that is) she was 'miserable' on earth.

2) chiana - again, could probably pass as a human goth. she'd most likely just take what was thrown at her and learn to live on earth so long as john was there to help her through it. and the language thing is, again, plausible. however, there's always the problem that, chiana being chiana, she'd try to get what she wants the same way she always has, or as she once put it, "kick, kiss or cry" her way out of things. chi would be in trouble with the law within days, with technically only john or jack to bail her out. and explaining it wouldn't be easy... not a pleasant thing to contemplate.

3) d'argo - seriously, john, do you really think he'd be able to fit in? the guy has tentacles!!! now, personally, i have nothing against tentacles, in fact i think they're rather becoming ;) but society wouldn't be that accepting. as he put it: "everyone thinks you're a freak!" and nobody will accept the "it's a halloween costume" theory after the seventeenth time, especially in the middle of march :)

4) jool - with careful negotiation of her hair to cover the ridges at her hairline, she'd probably fit in as well. and aren't interons supposed to be genetically similar to humans anyway?

5) rygel - well, i guess he'd pass as a disabled midget or something... seriously, as "AHR" so aptly demonstrated, i doubt he'd fit in either. he'd be the first to be diced and sliced up on arrival.

6) pilot - that was one crazy assumption... we know that his species is able to survive without a leviathan prior to joining, but what about afterwards? i can't remember if this was explained... i think pilot would go insane not hearing moya's voice; remember "OOTM"? when he was in chiana, he was freaking out at the silence in his head...

7) crais, if he'd survived - same theory as aeryn, i suppose. maybe he'd get mobbed by darius-from-popstars fans...

8) stark - i see him getting a role in a west end/broadway musical... ;) no, hmm, probably he could pass as human as well, even though (and this isn't my quote), he could light an entire city with the other side of his face.

9) scorpy, should he follow them - someone else suggested he could replace dot cotton on "eastenders". naomi will hate me for that one. scorpy... hmm... tricky. he'd go into movies (i didn't really think much about him, to be honest...)

10) and what of moya, anyway? are we supposed to believe she's parked in a field somewhere? the first sign of ANYTHING strange in the night sky and IASA would probably call the alarm. moya would end up shot down, and even if she managed to dodge that, she wouldn't last long once she'd landed. she'd be prodded, scraped, test-flown, and eventually scrapped. *sniff* doesn't even bear thinking about :(

john, we love you, but sometimes you can be such an idiot...