February 5th, 2002

Photo - leaves

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our 20th century drama lecturer seems to like "eastenders" a whole lot. he knows more about it than even the most dedicated soapaddicts in the room :) and the scary thing was, he was using it to back up his point... rather well...
Photo - leaves

children of the 80s thing

i know we've already had this, but there's a few on this that weren't on last time...

Snap bracelets were always getting you in trouble at school.
{not that i remember... but then i don't really remember much before 1992 anyway...}

Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo!
{i loved that stuff, and i remember the ads too! they still sell it, i think...}

You played with "My Little Ponies".
{played with?? i had, and still have, about 15 of the bloody things! i only kept them for posterity. i had to give away my blue and pink pony castle, but i refused to lose the ponies. they've changed them now, just like sindy dolls. nowadays, sindy and my little pony are anorexic...}

Friendship bracelets were ties that couldn't be broken.
{i only learned to make them when i was 14...}

You ever read Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Babysitters Club, Forever or Sweet Valley High.
{nope. but i remember briefly watching the god-awful series of sweet valley, and the theme tune still torments my brain.}

You know all the words to "Ice Ice Baby".
{i never liked vanilla ice, so no. but then again, i never really liked anyone...}

You wanted to be on "Jim'll Fix It."
{oh, i SO did, too!}

You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before he had plastic surgery.
{just barely, but yes.}

You wore one of those slap-on wristbands at some point... or heaven forbid one of those T-shirts that changed colour with heat (Global Hypercolour)
{i, um, still have my global hypercolour tee shirt. and it still just about works. i had socks, too...}

You had slouch socks and puff painted your own shirt at least once.
{yes, and yes. and puff paint never frelling worked anyway... at least not without an industrial strength hair drier}

You know the profound meaning of "Wax On Wax Off".

You were upset when She-Ra, Princess of Power, and He-Man got cancelled.
{i had a she-ra doll!!! and i also had a skeletor bubble bath bottle. and yes, i do remember the cartoons, too.}

You remember Madonna in her cone stage.
{LOL! yes...}

You knew "The Artist" when he was humbly called "Prince".
{yup. he still freaks me out even now.}

You even wore fluorescent-neon clothing... if you can call it clothing.
{god, yes!}

Not only did you wear fluorescent-neon clothing, but they were mismatched with fingerless gloves and towelling socks.
{i had towelling socks, i'm sure... and i remember fingerless gloves.}

You could break dance (okay, you wished you could.)
{no. and i wasn't silly enough to try. but then, i always wanted to be a ballerina.}

You remember when Amiga was a state of the art video game system.
{yes!! and i still have both my amiga, its game, and a dead spectrum zx-41. yes, the same one holly dated in 'red dwarf'. and i have far too many games for it, most of which probably still work if the console itself did....}

You remember M.C. Hammer.
{only for 'the addams groove', which has to be the best rap in the universe. and i still remember the chorus, too. "they do what they wanna do, say what they wanna say, live how they wanna live, play how they wanna play, dance how they wanna dance, kick and they slap a friend, the addams family!" actually, those words are stupid when you write them down...}

You can still sing the rap to "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".
{only because it's still on before "farscape"... or was. *wails* and talking of which, the final ever episode of fresh prince was damn depressing!}

You can remember when it was Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and NOT just plain Wil Smith.
{nope, having only discovered fresh prince these past two years.}

You owned any cassettes.
{i still do...}

You carried your lunch to school in a Gremlins, ALF or ET lunchbox.
{i think they still sell e.t. lunchboxes. and a.l.f. rocked!! but as for me, um... nope, i had a garfield one. with that crappy plastic snakes and ladders thing on the back, too.}

You have ever pondered on why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.
{i never noticed...}

My Little Pony, Gummie Bears, and Transformers are familiar to you.
{yes, yes, and yes again!}

You ever had a Swatch Watch.

You actually spent countless hours trying to perfect the "Care Bear Stare".
{um... no...}

You believed that "By the power of Greyskull, you HAD the power!"
{quite possibly. don't remember that far back.}

You spent hours in the basement building and rebuilding Lego cities.
{not in the basement, but yes.}

Big wheels and BMXes were the way to go.
{never had either.}

With your pink (or blue) portable tape player, you sang to Kylie and Jason.
{only kylie. but i remember when we thought ourselves incredibly clever when we discovered that the last few initials of the months of the year spell out 'jason d'...}

You ever owned Polly Pocket or Micro Machines.
{both. randomly.}

You ever made Ken fall in love with Barbie.
{i always took it as a given, myself...}

You know what "Psyche" means.
{i still don't.}

Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away.
{hehe, well it was!}

You knew that Transformeres were "more than meets the eye".
{yes. and i wanted some, too.}

You wore a banana clip at some point during your youth.
{quite possibly...}

You actually thought "Dirty Dancing" was a REALLY good film.
{i only saw it last september for the first time...}

You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living in space.
{i never thought about that much.}

You know what leg warmers are and probably had a pair.
{yes, and i didn't like them.}

You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish.
{heck, that was stylish!!!}

You had to change into play clothes after school.
{oh, yeah...}

You recorded songs off the radio with your boom box.

Somehow, you still know all the words to songs played on VH1s "Big 80s".
{isn't it scary how that happens???}

Your arm was full of rubber bracelets.
{i think it was once.}

You can still sing 1 to 12 from the Pinball machine song on Sesame Street.
{maybe if i tried hard enough.}

You wore those wide, colourful shoelaces.

You still don't like going in the sea because of Jaws.
{it never bothered me. now jellyfish on the other hand...}

You remember Now compilations that had the pig on the front cover.

You never questioned why the A-Team were always imprisoned in places that had sufficicent toolds to build and armoured tank.
{i never watched it that much, i prefered the talking car in "night rider"}

Dungeons and Dragons was your favourite programme.
{i never watched that either...}

You've ever said "bright light, bright light!" in a strange high-pitched voice.
{i still do!!}

You fell out with friends during heated arguments about the relative merits of Matt and Luke.
{*blank stare*}

Cerise pink, electric blue, and banana yellow have ever featured in your wardrobe or make-up collection.
{yes, yes, and yes...}

You ever did the top toggle of your coat up around your neck without having your arms in the sleeves and you knew you looked like a superhero.
{i used to do that with my school cardigan. we all did.}

Your new winter coat was best used to demonstrate that your wings were like a shield of steel.

You still remember when the A-ha video was the pinnacle of modern technology and you can still sing all of the words.

You best party dress was either a ra-ra or a puff ball skirt.
{yes! puff ball, twice! and the second one had a wondefully tasteless rouched top, too...}

You wondered why a popular kids TV programme told you to "Turn off your TV set and go and do something less boring instead."
{ah, the height of irony. i know it was "why don't you?" but not with that theme tune. i remember the new version.}

You were shocked by the controversial plot lines in Degrassi Junior High.
{the bees are on the what now?}

You remember watching a house inhabited by a jester, a pantomime horse, and a woman who sneezed, and thinking that this was perfectly normal.
{you know, this does sound familiar...}

You tried to convince your Dad to fit a strip of red lights on the front of the Capri so it looked like KITT.
{no, but KITT was my favourite character...}

You've ever seen a girl, a clown, and noughts and crosses on your TV.
{all hail the test card!!!}

You've ever had more than 10 sweets in a 10p mix-up.
{quite possibly.}

You hid behind the sofa whenever you heard the word "Exterminate!"
{no, i used to say it myself... not really knowing where it came from.}

You could have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.
{we love scooby doo...}

(Girls) You owned a pair of Pixie boots, generally worn with leg warmers.
{i had the boots. see previous answer for leg warmers.}

(Boys) You owned a pair of pale grey slip-ons, generally worn with white towelling socks.
{brad majors, anyone???}

Ooh, you could crush a grape!

You've ever held a chicken in the air or stuck a deckchair up your nose.
{something keeps telling me this is for wacaday, but i might be wrong...}

You wore legwarmers and tried to do the splits while jumping in the air while singing that you were going to live forever.
{seeing as how "fame" came out a year before i was born....}

You remember Fingermouse and Dangermouse (not forgetting his trusty sidekick, Penfold!)
{crumbs, chief! god, yes. dangermouse rules! and he's on my wall *grin* and then, there was duckula, who was almost as good :) and as for fingermouse, i do remember it, barely.}

Trains in Wales went "Pshh-t-cuf, pshh-t-cuf, pshh-t-cuf, pshh-t-cuf, pshh-t-cuf..."
{i... don't know?}

You know all the words to Hey Mickey (well, nobody knows past the first verse anyway.)
{thanks to lolly, and my father being a completely annoying bastard, yes, unfortunately, i do...}

You remember Look In magazine when it was only 20p and Monster Munch when they were only 10p.
{damn inflation. and whatever did happen to look in? i used to like that!}

Your best mate had a Soda Stream and you were jealous.
{i have one!}

Any elderly Scottish lady sounds like Supergran.
{i remember her!!! she was... well, i don't remember, but i know i used to watch it. one of those long-lost shows like mr. majieka, kapatoo, rod hull/emu/grotbags, and tea bag...}

You remember crying on the beach building sandcastles in the rain.

Hide and seek in the park, the corner shop, Hopscotch, butterscotch, skipping, handstands, football in the park/street, British Bulldog, the Beano, Twinkle, Hula Hoops, jumping in enormous puddles and building dams....
{ah... memories...}

'Computer' Tennis, Pac-Man and Donkey-Kong ruled.

You remember hearing the tune then runinng out to buy an ice cream cone on a warm summer night - 99s, screwballs or a cider lolly.
{and they don't taste the same any more...}

You got up extra early to watch Saturday morning cartoons.
{how naive we were...}

You were occasionally allowed to stay up late for Howard's Way, Dallas, Dynasty, or Minder.
{"boon", actually...}

Running til you were out of breath, laughing so hard that your stomach hurt, using the bed as a trampoline, pillow fights, spinning around, getting dizzy and falling over, having giggle fits...
{*sniff* yes....}

Water balloons were the ultimate weapon.
{yes, and they were so much fun, too!}

It wasn't odd to have two or three 'best' friends.
{consider i have about 9 of them now...}

You didn't sleep a wink on Christmas Eve.
{actually, i was good and went to bed early.}

You remember when 25p was decent pocket money and you'd reach into a muddy gutter for a 10p.
{i never had pocket money...}

Important decisions were made by going "eeny-meeny-miney-mo".
{yup, and we had far too many versions. and does anyone else remember the 'chinese restaurant' song?}

Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better, and taking drugs meant orange-flavoured chewable aspirin.
{and calpol, which still makes me retch even thinking about it.}

Abilities were discovered because of a 'double-dare'.
{no, i was coward.}

Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but also the fiercest protectors.
{i wouldn't know, but anyone else?}

that's it. hope you all enjoyed the trip down memory lane...
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