February 17th, 2002

Photo - leaves

looong weekend.

over the course of four days, naomi and i have discovered the following:

1) we differ greatly in our approach to the fandom of farscape.

2) she is a john/harvey-er. she has almost converted me to this.

3) i am a jool/crais-er. i have converted her.

4) i am a john/aeryn-er. she will not be converted.

5) scorpius is a beetle!

6) the science of wispology (you'll all find out soon...)

7) the farscape horror show is the greatest creation my muse has ever come up with. (and believe me, her picture is frelling fantastic!)

8) i have a lot of episodes missing.

9) we shall be writing the world's silliest fanfic :D

10) naomi is a scaper!! my mission is completed!!!

it was a frelling knackering weekend. i just took a very long walk back from the station through riverside gardens and along all the back streets. lovely. but tiring. i think i'll walk into uni tomorrow. i might actually get there on time, that way...

and my valentine fic is nearly done, except that i managed to accidentally delete everything i'd typed for chapter 10, which is frelling annoying... but chapters 1 - 9 are now up on FFN for your reading pleasure. or is it chapter 1-10... something like that.

now. sleeeeeep....