February 19th, 2002

Photo - leaves

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this is genuinely the amount of coke me and naomi got through, and there's another two empties in the kitchen. (okay, there's also a couple of the small bottles in there, too, but when i looked across earlier, it looked so surreal i had to take a picture.)

i linked because the pic probably won't work if i tell it to put it here, but i'll try anyway...

it worked! woo! (well, it did when i just checked, so...)

i kid ye not, this was not a set up picture, it's actually what my bin currently looks like. the only set up thing about it is that i had to put it on my bed to get enough light for the digital camera to work...

(and now it doesn't work again. i hate angelfire sometimes...)
Photo - leaves


stolen from her friends list... i'm frelling bored out of my head... (and these are in no particular order...)

Seven things that make you laugh
[1] my friends
[2] writing silly fic :D
[3] farscape... even when it's not meant to be funny
[4] one word - shadenfreude... most likely spelt wrong.
[5] misto
[6] "bottom". i'm sick.
[7] bloopers and outtakes...

Seven things you love
[1] my mum
[2] my friends
[3] *ahem* 'those' people...
[4] writing
[5] singing
[6] my cat
[7] theatres

Seven things you hate
[1] my father
[2] hypocrits
[3] homophobes
[4] antonio banderas
[5] whoever it was who persuaded lloyd webber to close "cats"
[6] whoever it was who told antonio banderas he could sing
[7] dance music

Seven things on your desk [excluding computer, monitor, etc.]
[1] bag of potato triangles
[2] glass of coke
[3] multifarious CDs and zips and floppies and casettes
[4] purse
[5] walkman
[6] plugs
[7] pens

Right now you are:
[1] tired
[2] meant to be writing fic
[3] meant to be working (note how i get my priorities right...)
[4] eating aforementioned potato triangles
[5] about to go to choir
[6] chatting with eve
[7] filling in this thing

Seven facts about you
[1] i am 20 years old
[2] i am female
[3] i am only 5% gay...
[4] i have three muses
[5] i am the angst-queen
[6] i am five foot three inches
[7] singing is my whole life

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
[1] get something published and get paid for it
[2] sing on stage. properly.
[3] learn to frelling dance
[4] fall in love, get married, all that dren
[5] meet katie!!
[6] visit all the places i mentioned before
[7] be honestly, truly happy for more than three hours...

Seven things you can do:
[1] write
[2] sing high and in tune
[3] basic html
[4] dream
[5] self-diagnose any emotional problem i get...
[6] one move from "cats"
[7] correct the worst possible sentences, grammar wise, and give each one more than three meanings while i'm at it...

Seven Things You Can't Do:
[1] dance. dammit.
[2] socialise with norms
[3] get down and do things without being forced
[4] draw. not well, anyway.
[5] cry, even when i know i should
[6] stop crying once i've started
[7] not get obsessed. it's physically impossible.

Seven Famous People You Want To Meet: {i have to narrow it down to seven!?)
[1] michael crawford
[2] the farscape crew... but i'll go half and half and cheat, and say ben and claudia...
[3] julie andrews
[4] andrew lloyd webber
[5] judy garland (hey, it doesn't say they have to be alive!)
[6] richard o'brien
[7] david hyde pierce. for closure.

Top 7 songs people should give a listen:
[1] music of the night - POTO
[2] on my own - LM
[3] mulder and scully - catatonia. it's just too silly :)
[4] anything off the 'absolute o'brien album'. it's just mmmmmm.
[5] hunter - dido
[6] most showtunes
[7] carmina burana

Top 7 things you say the most:
[1] frell!
[2] goddamn idiotic stupid bloody frelling piece of dren of a computer i'm going to kill you....
[3] aw!
[4] blah
[5] um
[6] dammit
[7] hello (i imagine everyone says that a lot.)

Top 7 bands/musicians:
[1] catatonia
[2] dido
[3] savage garden
[4] celine dion (she's good for therapy singing, that's all!)
[5] david hyde pierce (he plays the piano. damn well. it counts...)
[6] richard o'brien
[7] cerys matthews

all done. sorry...