February 27th, 2002

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a lowdown of the past two mornings for you all. just so you can share my pain.


right. well, on tuesday morning, in the kitchen, i think i managed to drop almost everything i picked up out of the fridge onto the floor. and you know what that means. it's the universal sign that it's going to be a Bad Day.

amazingly, tuesday went okay, other than fighting with livejournal...


ah, and now it catches up with me. okay. so i got up in time to have breakfast, and get out to wait in the freezing cold for the bus. i see the bus down by lonsdale (don't ask me how far, it's... far enough, say two stops) and go to get my purse out of my bag. it's not there. panic ensues.

then i remember. it's still in my other bag from last night, when i'd made a mental note to remember it was in there. so much for that plan. so, i have time to run across the road and up to my room (living only a matter of metres away from the busstop has its advantages) and grab it. or not. suddenly, there's a drenload of traffic from absolutely nowhere, so it takes me an extra 15 seconds or so to get across the road, get upstairs, get my purse, and get out. i manage all this... and get out, just as the bus is pulling off.


luckily, there's a micklover a few feet behind it, so i decide to get that and get the other unibus from town (the one that comes every 10 minutes instead of every 30). good enough plan, and i won't be too late. so i get to town. cross the road. there's a unibus right behind me, so i start running.

now, running once a day is enough for me. running twice just about kills me. yes, i am that unfit. anyway, i have two bags. one is animal, which, obviously, isn't big enough to hold an A4 lever arch folder, so i have that in another bag. this bag decides it likes my knees, and i'm struggling to try and move the thing around behind me, leaning forward in order to grab it, thus completely ruining my momentum and sending me sailing very gracefully towards the ground.

i land, chest/stomach down, and slide a couple of inches. i attain the following injuries:
- a scrape on my left knee.
- a bruise AND a scrape on my right hip, just over the bone, and right in line with my trousers, obviously.
- a little scratch on my other hip.
- lots of blood pouring out of my navel. NEVER land on a piercing. ever.
- various indentations and marks from various hard bits of clothing. (bras are lethal, i swear...)
- to top this lot off, the horrible, oh so familiar feeling of my chest about to explode.

anyway, i made it to the bus, i assume running entirely on "oh-my-god-i'm-going-to-be-late-again" adrenaline alone, since as soon as i got there my knees completely buckled when i sat down. i took my inhaler. second time this morning.

now, here's the sensible thing about my medication. it works wonders on your airways when you're asthmatic, it opens them up very nicely indeed. however, it then proceeds, if you take too much of it, to completely screw about with your heart rate, and leave you all shaky. so, even though you can breathe well, you can't move without trembling. bit of a design fault, there...

so, anyway, i get to my lecture, 5 minutes late. this, i thought, was remarkably impressive. i take the lift to the second floor to a) make the journey quicker and b) avoid having to limp up 6 flights of stairs. (who bloody decided to have three flights per level anyway...)

i got there, sat down, and then everything started to hurt. a lot. i mean, really. not only the usual stinging pain that i'm sure everyone remembers from primary school, where it feels like you've had a layer of skin burnt off... but now also aching. my other leg aches because i've been limping on it. my back aches as a roll-on effect from the asthma (i've never understood that one...) my shoulder aches for some reason i can't fathom. my hands ache since they took the entire weight of me when i fell. my head aches, just generally.

to top this off, i them realise that i must have left my brain in bed, because i haven't got a clue what's going on, what we're reading, what question we're doing... so at break, i go up to mary, who's also doing our visualising gender lecture that afternoon, to say that i'm very sorry, but i'm ill, and i'm going home, so is the video of "orlando" (which we're watching) available to rent? she lets me go, because, i later discover, i look like hell, and am quite obviously not capable of coherent thought. i like mary. she's nice.

so now i'm home. and i should be in visualising gender. but i think i'll go and join my brain, in bed...

oh, what a beautiful morning....
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so i went to bed at 3pm. slept through til 8.45. feel slightly better. except now my frelling neck is killing me...

that, and i can barely move.

pavement. bad. pavement + body. worse.