March 4th, 2002

Photo - leaves

the mill is mine... mine! mine, i tell you!

i have "moulin rouge" on video, and i have the double CD soundtrack. it has the original movie versions of the songs and all the ones that weren't on the other soundtrack, (the gorrrrgeous version of "nature boy" before the end credits, "like a virgin", "spectular spectular", and "the show must go on"...


but yay! and now i can sell my other copy, cos i really don't need two versions the same...

*gleeful smile*
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    "one day i'll fly away" remix - the divine and very talented nicole kidman - "moulin rouge" second soundtrack
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Photo - leaves

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now, y'see, the pointless thing about angelfire is... it doesn't allow remote loading, which means i can't link directly to a picture, or put one on livejournal which is hosted there... which is silly really, when i can do this. so if anyone really wanted to steal my pictures, they still could...

pointless!!! i understand it if it's from their own angelfire collection of clipart and things... but even so, if they're on a site, they can still be stolen! it makes NO sense!!!

anyway, the above link is to show you the moulin rouge me i just made. i can't make it smaller or it loses the effect... enjoy.