March 8th, 2002

Photo - leaves

how ironic :)

tomorrow, several things are happening:

1) a rehearsal.
2) i have to buy a mother's day card, as i discovered this afternoon that it's mother's day on sunday.
3) a concert. said rehearsal is for this concert. it's in the cathedral, and we're singing durufle's requiem, which is very odd (i much prefer fauré), and colin mcalpin's "the prince of peace", which is even odder...
4) i'm meeting one of my online friends - eve - who i met at the bbc farscape message board. ironically, i've known her for the shortest time of all my online buddies, and she's the first one i get to meet... (but considering she's only at nottingham, it's not exactly a huge distance to travel). this should be most interesting :) and considering how we're psychic when online, in different cities... well, if you hear of explosions in the derby area, you'll know why :)

i'll let everyone know how it goes. unfortunately, i just finished the film in my camera so i can't take pictures of the event. anyhoo, wish me luck!

right. time for "frasier" *grin*