March 13th, 2002

Photo - leaves

help me. please. i beg you. *clasps hands together, implores*

okay. so, apparently, "farscape" has enough cast members to parody just about everything. so far, the following have occurred/will do in the near future:

1) "the farscape horror show" - with the following cast list:
brad - john
janet - aeryn
frank - crais (hee!)
riff - d'argo
magenta - jool
columbia - chiana
rocky - stark
eddie - rygel
dr. scott - pilot
the criminologist - will be harvey in naomi's revised version. and this, when i finish the bloody thing...
roxy - zhaan. she was left over for the space in the picture :) oh! i can add a dream sequence. john can be dreaming zhaan singing things at him *manic grin*

2) to be written - "leviathan rouge" - with the following preliminary cast list:
christian - john
satine - aeryn (yes, i'm really that obvious)
toulouse-lautrec - rygel
zidler - pilot
the duke - crais
the unconscious argentinian - d'argo :D
nini-legs-in-the-air - chiana
mome fromage - (possibly) jool. she may end up as a random dancer.
marie - zhaan
the green fairy - harvey. obviously :)
bohos - stark and whoever's left... braca and... DK, or something. like i said, it's provisional. i have to learn the script of the film and figure out the discrepancies yet...

3) again, another one to be written - a farscape version of "les misérables" (suggestions for titles would be greatly appreciated) with the following:
marius - john
cosette - aeryn (i had to start from somewhere, didn't i?)
eponine - chiana
valjean - d'argo
javert - scorpy
thenadier - crais
mme. thenadier - jool (just imagine it, it's hilarious!)
fantine - zhaan
gavroche - rygel (it's a size thing...)
the rebels - the nebari resistance, possibly. or renegade PKs. something like that.

i'm still looking for a role for pilot and stark.

4) this one i just remembered... me and katie did the same to "star trek: voyager", and i did it to "farscape" - "cats"...
the tugger - john
bombalurina (the tugger's bitch, for the unintiated...) - aeryn
rumpleteazer - chiana
mungojerrie - jothee (d'argo's son...)
pouncival - rygel
jemima - jool
skimbleshanks - stark
the gumbie cat - zhaan
bustopher jones - d'argo
old deuteronomy - pilot
the junkyard - moya :)

(i didn't think about it too much, just made some random general assumptions.)

so. that's already far too many than can be healthy. especially when the plots all work perfectly and can remain in character. so. i'm listening to the soundtrack to "priscilla, queen of the desert" (which i should SO watch again... yay for drag queens!) i should be able to listen to it without harm of disturbing mental images.

so. please. for the love of god. someone. stop me. from writing...

"the adventures of moya, queen of the uncharted territories"

(or, for that matter, "to wong foo, thanks for everything, julie newmar", with an appropriately silly title... same premise of three transvestites travelling across a huge frell-off country, in a decrepit vehicle, on personal missions...)

because the temptation to use john, d'argo and crais is just too irresistible... *random image. giggles uncontrollably. regains control. falls to knees*

*clutches your ankles* i'm asking you all nicely. stop me. i don't know which muse it was, but they're going to be shot very soon. it may have been john... but i suspect this is aeryn's idea of a joke. erik is still hibernating, so all blame is taken from him.

*cries* heeeellllllp!
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