March 14th, 2002

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i had another "farscape" dream last night...

this one actually had something resembling a plot! (shock! horror!)

okay. i think it was in rome, it was definitely on earth, and it did look very rome-like. anyway most of it made sense, there were just a few parts that, looking back on, i'm going "huh?", but anyway, here it is...

john and aeryn were on earth, as was jack, as was scorpius. and... at some point me and my mum were there, but that's usual for one of my dreams. so... it was one great big, huge shipperfest (i've been reading the world's longest, shippiest earthfic on FFN, which might account for that) and i vaguely recall there being a section where i was watching old x-files tapes at jack's house (???) and came across two episodes i'd never seen before, which was cool...

anyway, yeah, rome was there. except it looked almost exactly like a place in another dream i had where it was pretending to be india. since i've never been to either place, i have no idea, but it looked to be, plausibly, more rome-like/greece-like than india-like. they were there, living in some little apartment with a huge window at one end, and, just when everything was going right, scorpius decides to take over the world. (my subconcious is a walking frelling cliché...) this involved power cuts for some reason. it transpired that a power cut meant he was attempting some plan, and nobody was allowed to move or do anything... and all through this silly minor subplot, there was j/a shippiness galore, which is always nice...

at another random point in the dream, i was sitting in this same chair in this same room, talking to either naomi or eve, or some other random person, and then i realised i was late for choir, and was kicking myself but didn't bother going, and then, i was in an amusment arcade with rachel playing with one of those 2p machines attempting to win some money, pulling anomalous 2-pence pieces out of every available crevice and pocket of my bag, and eventually winning about £3.00 in 20-pences... then it turned out i hadn't missed choir, i'd missed the rocky horror show, for which i had 5 tickets, and for some reason, i didn't care because i was having too much fun winning money... (i'm gonna be a compulsive gambler one of these days, i just know it...)

then the dream came back again to where it was before. it's all rather a blur... except i remember a little section right before i woke up, where john and aeryn (or rather, just aeryn) had decided to have a baby (aw! it's just john's reaction, it's adorable!) and then they got back to their little rome apartment thing to find this guy (aparently a mortal enemy) in their bed with some girl who looked really similar... a little like the girl they had playing the prince's girlfriend in the michael bourne "swan lake", but i digress. the guy looked like darius. in which case, he could very well have been crais, but he wasn't. he wasn't actually darius either... it was all very confusing. and then... i think he fell out of the window, which was now, for some reason, about 3 storeys higher than before...

then i woke up. it made complete perfect sense til i just came to type it.... okay. but it was all johnaeryn-y and sweet and shippy and so adorable and now i want to write it... but no. i won't. yet...

and i woke up with hiccups for some reason, but they're gone now. thank god.
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Photo - leaves

oh, frell my Muse...

"little leviathan of horrors" now??

i partially remembered discussing this briefly with naomi, but discounting it... but frell my Muse. it just threw it at me again...

let's see:
seymour - (oh, do i need to say?) john
audrey - disturbing as the thought is... aeryn.
muschnik - d'argo (hee!)
the dentist/orrin scrivello - crais!!
audrey 2 - rygel (mean, green, eating machine!)
the masochistic dental patient - stark
the doo-wop girls - chiana, jool and zhaan :D

i have got to stop this!!! argh!

and i forgot to yell at derek for helping me come up with "the wizard of the UT", which, if i remember correctly, runs something like this:
dorothy - john (why not?? southern girl/southern boy! it works!)
scarecrow - d'argo
tinman - aeryn
cowardly lion - rygel
wizard/professor marvel - pilot on the clamshell
glinda - zhaan (naomi wanted aeryn, pissed off at having to wear a dress, but the image of zhaan in pink with a wand is just too amusing...)
wicked witch of the west - harvey/scorpius
the apple-throwing trees - crais and braca. or, actually crais and stark, just because it has that wonderful laurel-and-hardy thing to it...
munchkins - DRDs
flying monkeys - scorpy's useless PK squad
auntie em - jool

*bursts out laughing* i'm sorry. the image of john singing "over the rainbow" just came to me...

*kills derek slowly*

*bangs head into wall* no. more. frelling. parodies!
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