March 15th, 2002

Photo - leaves

i'll do this now before i forget...


you're now officially old... :)

but anyway. essay, typically, is now threatening to go over the word limit. i have, presently, 1,111 words, with only 389 left to go to get to my 1,500. unfortunately, i still have two more sections to go... i'll try and cut the theory part up some more and see if that helps...

i'm beginning to wish we'd had a 2,000 word limit now, although then i'd probably have been panicking once it got given out... oh, well...

with any luck, i'll finish this today and be able to go back to brum (again) for drinks with the birthday boy (again), and i can then check it over on sunday night and monday afternoon. all is good. i am impressed.

and i break up next week for another month! woohoo! i love this course, we get loads of time off :D i'll be at home for 2 weeks of that (it's about the amount of time my mother's sanity can hold out with me there...) and will then be back in derby for the final 2 weeks. coursework and assignments permitting, i will be available for drinking and general going-outness no matter where i am. it might be nice for some of you lot to visit me for a change instead of my having to go back to brum all the time...

anyway. this is me, rambling in livejournal as a break from the essay, and now going back to the essay. over and out.
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