March 16th, 2002

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random musings

ever had one of those moments where you're walking down a road you go along (semi-) regularly, when all of a sudden, you can't shake the feeling that it's actually somewhere else? just now, walking up to derby station along the last stretch of road, i got the immovable feeling i was in paris, and it was june 1998, and we were killing time til the coach picked us up.

it's all spring-like today, breezy and just warm enough even though i need a coat. and i can see blue sky. the feeling's gone now, drowned in growling trains, but for about fifteen seconds, i was in france. freaky...

actually, i think erik woke up. while working on an angstfic that aeryn waved at me at 2am (and which i subsequently ignored and came back to three days later only to find it didn't want to cooperate), erik woke up from his hibernation and hurled metaphors at me.

okay, explanation of the Muses follows:

first, there was erik. he's the creative one, who makes metaphors, originality, and most of my fanfic. occasionally, he'll lob the odd poem at me.

then, came aeryn. she writes my "farscape" aeryn-centric angst. i discovered this at 4am, when she vehemently insisted i write "dreaming of you" (and, although i didn't realise at the time, "nothing more you can do", the day before). unfortunately, she terrified erik into hiding. his hibernation was the result of this, and the fact that he was so pissed off at me for letting her in that he stopped talking to me. there's nothing worse than a petulant genius... hence, no erik, and hence the deluge of scapefic. (in actual fact, i had nothing to do with it. aeryn forced her way in without consent, i'll have you all know...)

now erik's back, he's not going to be too pleased to find out i now also have...

a johnMuse. he writes all my john-angst, what little there is, the random insanity, and keeps coming up with frelling parodies!! (not helped in the slightest by derek...)

john and aeryn work together on shippy angst, fluff, and sap - that is, when they're not otherwise occupied...

the basic result of this is:

i have two Muses for "farscape" alone. erik is therefore left to deal with all of the following:
~ deep space 9 fic
~ voyager fic
~ frasier fic
~ my ever-running pokéfic that still isn't finished
~ all my original works

i think i'd go into hibernation as well... anyway, welcome back, erik! now get finishing those frellin' trekfics...