March 19th, 2002

Photo - leaves

oh, frell...

i'm going to kill john. i am. even though i vaguely recall mentioning this on saturday night, but, just because i listen to the frelling soundtrack does NOT mean i want the idea permanently embedded in my brain...


"labyrinth" meets "farscape". my original idea being to do a role reversal and have john as sarah, but upon realising that sarah has black hair...

jareth - john. okay. hear me out. envisage our favourite goblin king. now envisage john. amalgamate. giggle extensively. :D and, naturally, this would be john doing the PK accent because just mmmmmmm...
sarah - aeryn. you know what, now i really want to hear claudia do that whole "through dangers untold" spiel...
toby - okay, bear with me... maybe it could be a Prowler that john steals when she complains about it...? i'll work on it...
hoggle - rygel? similarish personalities...
ludo - d'argo, obviously.
sir didymus and ambrocious - for some reason... i can't get the image out of my head of a really vicious stark being piggy-backed around by chiana... oh, come on! she IS the dulux dog!!
the little goblin inside the humunculus - crais. obviously. just imagine him saying the "that wasn't very nice!" line :)
the goblins - DRDs

okay, that's... well... crap. i'll work on it.

but again, i say. i am going to kill john.
Photo - leaves

my computer is a frelling weird thing.

okay. so there i was happily perusing sarra's site because i was bored. eve throws me a link. i close sarra's site in IE just as the other IE box opens. my computer takes it upon itself to try and download something which does not exist. repeatedly. in doing so, simultaneously shoving itself to the front of the desktop so i can't ignore it. and beeping. loudly.

i decide to restart.

upon restarting, i am presented with my desktop. 5 times. all slightly different widths, but all crammed, nevertheless, into the width of my screen. including the mouse cursor. all appears fully functional other than this. i restart again after fending off random AIM boxes. the same thing happens. i try to restart again, it does nothing, and then decides to run photoshop for no feasible reason. when restarting doesn't work, my other plan is to hit the off switch and pray it doesn't eat anything when i turn it back on again.

so. i do this. it doesn't run scandisc, which is weird enough, but it works, i have one normal screen like i should do. then (oh, the JOYS of microsoft) i am informed that there are "critical updates" i must download or my computer will die a horrible death. i've put this off long enough and the popup box is getting a tad irritating, so, thinking my computer was just complaining, i decide to download the updates. doesn't take long. would i like to restart now? oh, go on, then.

i restart. i have 5 desktops again. restart. 5 desktops. off/on switch. 5 desktops.

needless to say, by this point i'm getting worried. using the keyboard, i manage to make it restart in MS-DOS mode and pray that it does something normal when i type in "exit" at the prompt. luckily, i am now presented with one screen.

i have changed my resolution back to 800x600 just in case it doesn't like it being higher. i have not yet attempted to restart. however, tomorrow morning, i will get up and turn it on. if nothing exceedingly odd happens, i will restart. if something odd then happens, i'm off to PC-X to ask what the frell is happening.

i bet they thought they'd seen the back of me and my weird problems...

but... can anyone offer an explanation as to my 5 desktops? at all? please?