April 12th, 2002

Photo - leaves


1) something that Must Be Watched: top 10 gay icons, tomorrow on channel 4 (for all you brits). ten-ish, i think. but yay! graham norton, john inman, julian clary, lily savage... they're all there!
[ADDENDUM 14/04: yess!! graham norton won!! and julian clary was third! and the guy from "gimme gimme gimme" was there, too. and somehow i just KNEW lawrence llewllyn bowen would be there... but yay to adorable gay irishmen :D)

2) the SB fic is all completed. its vital statistics run something like this:

the title: "Tango Up On Sunset". may be subject to change. am pondering something less obvious...
the words: 7,506. impressive, no?
the pages: 12.
the plot: dreams and suppressed memories. lots of shippiness. in fact, very little plot at all... and a horribly convoluted ending. never mind.
the task: to get it beta-read by someone who knows something about it (possibly one of my own beta-clients) find somewhere to post it. wait for reviews in attempt to find other obsessive SB fans...

so, yes. it's all finished. i won't subject you to it unless i am requested to.

3) a comment, made by my mother during "frasier", although it bore no relevance to the programme. i was ranting about pop idol, about the severe lack of talent from any of the finalists. and for once, it wasn't a jealousy thing, i don't WANT to be a pop idol, thank you very much. it was just a general observation... anyhoo. the comment was: "it was the saddest moment of my life last friday, knowing you'll never be able to sing in the spotlight, with all your talent."

okay, so she'd had a bottle of wine by this point, otherwise she probably wouldn't have even thought to say it out loud...

(last friday, of course, being SB, in which there is a scene where norma is alone under the spotlight on an otherwise dark stage...)

inside, i was saying to myself a somewhat rambling mantra: "well, there we go. i'll never do it. nice vote of confidence. talent? what talent. saddest moment of your life, well how do you think i feel?" but of course, i can't say that, so i just smiled sweetly and nodded and pretended i wasn't hurting.

this of course was not helped by the following comment of "learn to dance!" *sigh* fine, you wanna pay for it?

grrrrrrrr... i'm more irritated with myself for letting it get to me, really. it was the wine talking. a shame it speaks truth.

*proceeds to bash head into desk repeatedly*