April 17th, 2002

Photo - leaves

to-do list.

this week, i must:

1) do some coursework:
- 16th century literature
- read through ghost story book and find suitable story to tweak for storytelling presentation
- read "love on the dole" enough to get basic gist of plot.
- skim "the child in time" to re-enlighten self as to story.

2) find/rent film of "orlando". watch it. failing this, start reading book.
3) make doctor's appointment
4) find out where to actually put the damn recycling... - wow. we have recycling bins. i never knew that...
5) visit exam timetable
6) tidy room a little and start as i mean to go on this term
7) find people to see "queen of the damned" with me
8) buy some frozen things so i'm not living off pasta...
9) buy andrew lloyd webber c.d. (purple cover, red outline of rose. forgot the title...) - our h.m.v. is useless...
10) buy blank casettes - bugger! i knew there was something else! - got 'em!

i think that's pretty much it. can i achieve all this before monday? i think so...

have now added:
11) buy may ball tickets. this will entail remembering chequebook. - may ball tickets are now bought.
12) start tweaking story for presentation - all tweaked. now i have to tweak again and made the purdy descriptive version (the fun part) and learn the damn thing...