April 24th, 2002

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in addition to growing exponentially more antisocial as the months pass, i can tell my brain is broken...

it's like... there's pieces missing... or... pieces there that shouldn't be... or pieces repeated... and things take up more or less room than they should...

and i'm constantly thinking in metaphors, or translating images into words for use at some point in a distant future or a piece of writing that never gets actually written... either that or i think in song lyrics... and the tiniest little thing can set off a million ideas in my head...

but, still, i think my brain is definitely broken. but at least i know that, which is something...
Photo - leaves

semi-amusing quote

this, taken from "BITCH" by elizabeth wurtzel ("introduction: manufacturing fascination"):

"Eva Duarte Peron, a.k.a. Evita, not only died at thirty-three of ovarian cancer but has had to suffer the indignity of having her life turned into an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical."

actually, there were several good quotes, that was just the one that caught my attention. there was also:

"...But the intrigue with these dead white males, it doesn't take on the quality of an archaeological dig, the longing to understand why Greta Garbo wanted so badly to be alone, why Judy Garland was so damn tragic, why Marilyn Monroe was a demolition derby..."

(incidentally, according to garbo herself, "i never said 'i want to be alone'. i said 'i want to be left alone' and there's a big difference." just call me random quote girl...)

AND there was even a part on catwoman :)...

"...It is the same woman played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, the mousy and meek secretary by day who uses leather and lamé to become Catwoman by night, to flip and strut, to scratch and bite, to be the mouse that roared with dangerous curves; and cat-scratch fever, we're meant to understand, is a mild malady compared to what this feline woman can do to you when she's mad..."


visualising gender is fun :)