May 7th, 2002

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today had a definite feel of 'monday' about it...

i got up in ample time and got out. then realised i had no money and had to steal 90p from the kitty (which i WILL pay back later...)

the bus was meant to arrive at 10.30 so i could get in for 11.00 for the module info day.

the 10.30 bus simply failed to turn up. the 11.00 bus was late by 15 minutes and didn't arrive til 11.15, which meant i didn't get there til 11.45 and completely missed the info thing...

i made a doctor's appointment for thursday afternoon so i can get this bloody cough looked at again...

and town was just busy as frell, again, and all i wanted was a phone topup card and a french loaf (and i had to get a big french loaf as they'd run out of the little ones, AGAIN!)

and tomorrow i have to plead insanity to mary and get the module handbook out of her so i can peruse it at my leisure.

and i STILL have to do my 20th century fiction coursework, but i will start that in due course...

so it was, over all, a very crappy morning.


i checked the post.


and i haven't read it yet, and eve's getting impatient, so i'm about to do just that... and it's hand addressed, no less :D

will be back very shortly...