May 12th, 2002

Photo - leaves


i can't escape. there was just the repeat broadcast of the news. (the groupies, it transpires, were just people at covent garden... but there's bound to be groupies up at new london...)

and what really sucks now is that i have a horrible, horrible feeling that i'll never be able to listen to "memory" ever again without crying. and as it's one of my favourite songs, this is not a good thing.

tomorrow (or later, whichever), i have decided to mourn its passing. i will be dressed all in black. my MSN username/quote is a line from "rhapsody on a windy night", by t.s.eliot - the original poem that memory and grizabella were based on. i will also endeavour to make a webpage on my site, just explaining what it meant to me - a eulogy, if you will. failing that, i'll just put it on livejournal...

now you all think i'm completely psycho, right? well maybe i am... but as i couldn't be there to see it go, as i wasn't there in the crowd and couldn't be part of the final applause, i have to do something... may 12th will officially be "cats" mourning day.

feel perfectly free to laugh at me. i am aware that i'm a geek. i know it's difficult to grasp why this hurts so much... but maybe when i get my dedication/webpage thingy done, it'll be easier to understand...