May 16th, 2002

Photo - leaves


[Meme deleted]

oh, i loved that movie... now i have to watch it again when i go home :) i remember watching it on a coach, aged about... 6? something like that. we were going to spain. in fact, it scared me. and i thought falkor was a dog or a lamb, i wasn't sure which..

it's on a par with "labyrinth" as possibly the best fantasy movie ever.

wow. memories!
Photo - leaves

another to-do list.


~ wake up at a reasonable time. preferably before noon. 10.30 would be perfect. does waking up at 10.30 and then going back to sleep until 12.00 count? hey, i still got up two hours earlier than normal...
~ clean bathroom floor/toilets so as not to get yelled at by lisa. joy. i'm a good girl...
~ go to sainsburys and stock up on cola/juice. it will, of course, last all of a week. done. it won't even last a week, i didn't have the strength to carry more than one bottle of coke today, and my juice won't fit in the fridge...
~ purchase ice lollies. it's summer, dammit. forgot. bugger. tomorrow. also, purchase butter to make flapjacks with the oats and sugar i bought in order to get change... ice lollies now residing in freezer ;)
~ investigate prices of "cats" DVD at HMV/MVC/virgin/WHSmiths. buy cheapest possible. couldn't be buggered. will go to MVC for "cats" as i could find it for the mass of "harry potter" stuff in HMV... will also ask them if they have a "farscape" 3.2 deluxe DVD set in stock or not.. (see below...)
~ see if HMV have farscape DVD set. if not, succumb to pricing.
~ finish "memory" fic. or try to. do more of "dancing with fate" (working title) - the SB sequel.
~ be virtuous and attempt to start something resembling revision. perhaps read orlando or love on the dole...
~ book tickets for october. email sweet/eve/lloyd and obtain money for same. whee!! we have tickets!!!

the most important of all of these being, of course, the obtaining of the tickets ;)