May 18th, 2002

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oh, oh, oh!!!

SFX con. i knew it was going to be worth it, i just knew it...

we have no more farscape people other than stark (paul goddard) so far.


alexander siddig (aka the delectible doctor bashir) is gonna be there!!!!! i guess this is when i really find out if i look like kira, huh?

okay, i'm going to be a wreck... i just know it...
Photo - leaves

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i am going to buy a rifle.

and shoot the bloody bird.

in the tree.

outside my room.

that starts singing.

at three in the morning.

every morning.

and doesn't. shut. up... (in fact, the bugger is still singing.)
Photo - leaves

in lacking enough money to buy a real present...

tomorrow, katie turns 21. i'm broke. therefore, i have written her a fanfic...

it's here, if you would all be so kind as to have a look.

in short, it's a "star trek:voyager" meets "farscape" meets "cats" (briefly) meets "moulin rouge" meets "rocky horror" fanfic... *manic grin*

and, for those who read it and are not in the know:

Ensign T'eyla Minh - my character. bajoran. 27 years old. bad attitude.
Lieutenant Kat-Doec - katie's character. trill. forgotten her age. prankster. the hero of this particular story.
Lieutenant Marissa Blake - sorta traci's character, but i've inherited her as i more or less created her. terran. the 'goody' of the troublemaking trio, but a troublemaker nonetheless...

and now. enjoy :)