May 29th, 2002

Photo - leaves

two down...

...and two more to go

this morning was visualising gender... which went as well as can be expected. i have a feeling that'll be my lowest grade, though. no coursework, and half unseen exam... (god, i'd never cope at a-level now!)

the two and a half hours in between that and the next, i revised and talked to claire (girl on my course) and got my C20th fiction coursework back - B+!

and this afternoon was C16th literature, which went well. i remembered stuff. woot!

and i walked back because it was nice and sunny, but it was also hot and now i am knackered...

and my belly button has a big plaster over it. amazingly, it's fine. but the little silver ball on the top of the bar has worked loose and i've finally managed to lose it. luckily, the rest of it is still in my navel, but i'm not taking any chances. (i knew pot bellies had to be useful for something!)

so tomorrow i must:
~ go to salamander and ask them nicely if they'll give me/sell me a new baubly bit for my bar. if not, see how much their purdy ones are compared to the £15.00 being charged for the purdy ones in the eagle centre
~ clean the lounge/corridor
~ revise for drama on friday...