June 2nd, 2002

Photo - leaves

listing listing listing

right. current list of summer projects to be attempted (in no particular order) include:

~ writing something on the typewriter; all drafts. corrections to be made using my quill pen and blue/red/purple/green/whichever colour i can find ink, and pencil. (and i will not give up complaining of the lack of a cursor/hurting fingers. i will see this through.) possibly i will write my "leviathan rouge" fic, seeing as this would be quite apt.

~ put all the furniture back inside the doll's house. also possibly clean/redecorate it to some degree. take pictures.

~ make website with her.

~ finish painting mural-esque ceiling a la michaelangelo before he went to art school. currently it is only blue and yellow (it's a sun, to match the rest of the decor) with a small red blob in the middle around the light. i have to do the shading/stars. pictures may be taken of this also if i can manage it.

~ make various items of clothing. (excluding costume for con, which i have now given up on...)

~ obtain job

~ buy books for next year. possibly attempt to read prior to starting.