June 3rd, 2002

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jubilee jubilations

i shouldn't even be online, technically... just had to comment on this...

i'm in an alternating state of feeling incredibly unpatriotic by watching the jubilee stuff at home, when i could have very easily gotten on a train and gone to brum to be in centenary square... but having seen the entertainment we've ended up with... i think i'd rather stay here with the option to turn it off.

and out of all the entertainment in london, possibly the only good things are/were the classical concert on saturday (which i missed) and queen (albeit only brian may and the other one.... the one that isn't john deacon. always forget his name...)

ah well...

(and i really feel bad for not doing the concert this season - we're doing the music they used at the coronation and some of it is lovely. oh well.)
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Photo - leaves


so i reinstalled "return of the phantom" to see how it ended... on the old computer it kept crashing at the crucial moment, annoyingly. having gotten completely lost in the maze, i looked up a cheat to get through it (i managed it once, for goodness' sake, can't hurt to cheat the second time) and it still crashes. ah well...