June 11th, 2002

Photo - leaves


i have just discovered that mouldy philadelphia goes an interesting shade of luminous orange.

this has not helped my mould phobia in the slightest...

Photo - leaves

how interesting...

i walked to the high school (read: choir) to return my folder of music and luckily ran into the lady who does the register on my way in, so i didn't have to stay long (i was half an hour early)

i decided to get the bus back, via town and hence via mcdonalds ;) because it was a long walk. i'd have been quicker on foot. littleover is a lovely place, very little-village-y... with a bus service to match.


on the way back, i got the shout i usually get wearing my bad kitty coat, which is: "i like your top, where's it from?" whereby i usually say, "i made it" and make a swift escape. this time i wasn't quite so lucky...

the person in question was a bloke, punk/rocker/greebo/your choice of description, and his friends, one of whom then helped me in his interrogation of my music tastes... he rattled off a selection looking for yes/no answers. he then revealed it was his 17th birthday. asked how old i was. then claimed to be 19. then admitted to being slightly drunk. he wouldn't let me leave til i gave him a hug.

so, in short - i got chatted up by a 17 year old :D although i fear if someone sees me giving random 17 year old boys hugs in the street i may end up with a reputation.

still... it upped my self-esteem a notch ;)