July 14th, 2002

Photo - leaves


i could be in bristol right about now. sitting somewhere in their hippodrome obsessing joyfully...

but i won't rant about people going instead of me who said they couldn't go and now are going.... no. i will attempt to ignore this and instead complain about scanners...

scanners, yes. scanners are good things. when they work. and when they don't get completely frelled on the way home from derby. they're also good things when they're brand spanking new... in theory.

unless, of course, you have a canon 'canoscan 676U' and my computer, because the two apparently aren't compatible. i have the sufficient memory. i have two USB ports, both of which work because i have tested them with the digi/webcam. i have 16-bit colour. i have windows 98. and yes, the scanner is plugged into the back of the computer.

for some reason, however, my computer thinks that it is not plugged into the back of the computer, despite the fact that it detected the new hardware and installed it, and it's sitting there nicely in the hardware list which would seem to suggest that it does, in fact, exist.

this is most perturbing.

it is also too hot to be sitting with the processor next to me, because it's too much hassle to put it back underneath the desk, as this would entail moving said desk about an inch further back in order to be able to get the processor out again next time...

someone buy me a computer that cooperates? please??