July 26th, 2002

Photo - leaves

random things we remember at three in the morning...

i knew there was something i meant to post recently...

exam results came through on monday morning. i can't remember the exact grades except that drama was a c- and was my lowest, which was expected. i'll find the letter when i can be buggered and give a full lowdown.

in short, to quote the letter: "pass with distinction and proceed to next stage"

and, beneath that, the words "very well done".

hands up all those who reckon i did good changing course?

the other random thing is:

it has come to my realisation that every single person has just one disney movie that they hold as favourite, for whatever reason. mine is "the little mermaid" because it was the first one i remember seeing at the cinema, the first one i had on video, and it spawned a brief obsession with mermaids. second to that is "beauty and the beast" because i love the story.

my mum's is "snow white and the seven dwarves" for the same reason - the first she saw at the cinema - and also "fantasia"... cos she likes the black devil guy in the good/evil sequence ;)

my dad's, he says, is "lady and the tramp" - again, first he saw.

so, because i'm insatiably curious, i'm just wondering what everyone else's favourite disney movie is, for whatever reason. humour me. it's a long summer... (and yes, you may include the live action ones and the computer animated ones. and no, "shrek" is not disney...)