August 3rd, 2002

Photo - leaves

summer project 1/[insert obscenely large number here]

project: redecoration/renovation of old childhood doll's house.

progress so far: repainting done from white with green trim to wedgewood blue with white trim (a.k.a. - colour of living room walls and tester pot not yet used on ceiling...) photos taken of various stages.

to be done: rewiring of lights and electric mini-fire. attempting to get two stubborn lights to remain stuck to the ceiling. check furniture is intact; if not, fix furniture. replace furniture in house. take more photos.

said photos will be developed as soon as possible, depending on when the film is finished. but i must say, it looks much better... it's spent the last 15 years being whiteandgreen with glue stains. the blueandwhite looks prettier.