August 15th, 2002

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ranting ranting ranting...

i got my first flame. well. not so much a flame as something pretending to be constructive criticism.

and yes, so i don't accept criticism lightly. i have issues. deal with it.

here's the email i sent the reviewer. and i don't want any comments telling me i'm an idiot and should have just let it go; i couldn't let it go, and once i get thinking on these things, i have to go ahead with them. anyway... enjoy...

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on the plus side, my room is tidy. odds it won't even last a week?
Photo - leaves

ye gods...

okay. my Inner Shipper has gone too far. nautica wants me to write a frellin' disney fanfic.

amazingly, it's not even "beauty and the beast". nope. it's the lesser-known "basil of baker street", and it's an idea i came up with a while ago and shoved to the back of my brain... anyone who's seen it - remember the case? the little scottish mouse's daddy getting kidnapped by rattigan? and basil was, um, terrible with children, to put it lightly?

well. nautica, in her infinite wisdom, came up with the idea of making the little scottish mouse grow up and end up going back to get basil to solve another case, and i guess the rest just speaks for itself... and now i want to write it! (maybe when i've finished "cradle" - oh, the reviewer emailed back annoyingly calmly...)


oh! that was the other thing i was going to do! after re-watching "cats" and stuck quite immovably in "sunset boulevard" at the time, i was going to do some kind of crossover. because i realised that grizabella was the norma desmond of the jellicles... then i gave up trying to give her a joe, max, de mille, betty... maybe i should write that. then i can stick it on the musicals section of and all the catsfic writers will read it and know the plot of SB and go off in search of my fic... or maybe not. but i still want to write it...