August 22nd, 2002

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bizarre and beautiful dreams

okay, before i even start on what the dream was, i just want to say - nobody and i mean nobody can possibly ever play the phantom except michael crawford. even when he's not singing phantom he's meltworthy... (and hello? he's the right age now! persuade him to do the movie!)

and i still can't watch any episode of "some mothers do 'ave 'em" without screwing my eyes up in consternation. damn talented man...

and i'm SO listening to phantom later... i'm in the mood for drama.

anyway, the dream

i dreamt that i was in "cats". but i wasn't just in "cats" as it is/was. it was a special performance, like, the last ever or something... and it was being performed in some local social centre, or hall, or something like that. not on a stage. and i wasn't even meant to be in it, but i was understudying someone else. in fact, i have no idea which character i was meant to be, but at first i was tabby, then i was black, but it doesn't matter.

there was this moment when one of the male cast, who was familiar then but isn't now, said i was doing really well. and i was basically following all the dance moves from everyone around me (realising that most of it was in fact improvised and this was far easier than trying to follow the difficult moves) i apologised for my appalling dancing. but the strange thing is, he said my dancing was fine, nay good, but he was a little worried about my singing (i was having an off day and i know i missed a high note.)

which could lead me to worry that maybe i'm not as good as i think, or that maybe the one thing i thought i was any good at is, in fact, not anything i'm any good at... but i can't deal with that right now, so on we go...

we got to the end of act one. elaine paige was playing grizabella, but she wasn't singing "memory", but something that was like the memory of "memory", which made everyone cry. and it had most of the cast off the video.

we finished act one and suddenly i found myself telling people i was in "cats", who hadn't realised but had turned up to watch (it was all very rushed, you see.) these included my mum, who'd noticed (of course) and, for some reason, salma. and because of all the cat makeup, she barely recognised me, plus i haven't seen her since the end of upper sixth, so... so there was a brief interval, where i was chatting to people. and as we were moving back to perform act two, john partridge (the tugger) smiled and waved at me.

i was a newbie on "cats"!

that's about all of it... but it was the most wonderful thing. i was in "cats"

and moving on to something that's been bothering me for a while... andrew lloyd webber commissioned and produced the video of "cats". a short time later, it closed. but, (the theory is) there is now a definitive version for future generations to remember it by. (which has all sorts of things wrong with it, despite the almost perfect cast - for example, "growltiger's last stand" is missing, and the tune for "mungojerrie and rumpleteazer" has changed since the original version at some point after 1995, and the words to "memory" have also changed slightly... so it's really not definitive.)

this worries me. they are, and have been, planning a phantom movie (of the musical) for the past 10 years. (brief interlude - he's singing "love changes everything"... my life is complete :D) there has been little success for several reasons - the ongoing battle between the fans and the producers over who to cast as erik (namely the MCPMC [michael crawford for phantom movie campaign] and my very own "death to the banderas" personal campaign) as well as battles within the fandom over the banderas, michael crawford or even colm wilkinson (please, no. he's fantastic as valjean and utterly awful as the phantom) i'm quite happy for dave willets, or one of the other broadway/west end phantoms, so long as they have the stage presence and the voice to pull it off. but no, the hollywood execs. are determined to cast a big star. luckily, the banderas has had a series of utter flops and he's now out of the loop...

another reason is lloyd webber's indecision over his christine. sarah brightman is really too old now. all the people he's considered so far have been considerably eyebrow-raising - andrea corr, jessica simpson (that's just one step away from britney spears, for god's sake). meanwhile there's millions of us fans out there who would kill for the role and already know it inside and out...

(interesting. MC singing "all i ask of you", thus resulting in a bizarre conflict of "i hate raoul! but it's the phantom! argh!" of course, i can pretend it's christine and erik singing it, which makes it all better :D)

anyway, i digress. what worries me is that if they get this movie made (at some point this century...) they'll count this as some kind of 'definitive' version and close the show. (which would a terrible mistake because the combined profits of "cats" and "phantom" are probably what keep ALW going, and if it wasn't for them and "joseph", he wouldn't be where he is today...)

("music of the night." excuse me a moment..... *drifts off* *comes back* jesus christ, just put him in the movie. they'll have the entire cinema in complete silence...)

so as if i wasn't conflicted about about whether or not i want this movie made, i'm now even more conflicted wanting it not to be made at all if it means the show gets closed. second to "cats", its the one thing i've aimed to see in london, yet another of those life-long constants. not only that, it has to be seen in london, because her majesty's theatre is god damn beautiful and the perfect setting, and without it the show is nothing.

in conclusion - lloyd webber is an idiot. a brilliant, disgustingly talented idiot.

end of ramble. and all this because of a dream...
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listening to "MOTN", i came up with this, off the top of my head. which, frighteningly enough, could work in some bizarre way...

a buffy/phantom parody/crossover of the "this character equals that character" variety... and frighteningly, it works in more ways than one...

christine, in the scheme of things, could possibly only ever be buffy. dawn would work, but i couldn't bear to write it...
the phantom could be either giles or spike. giles because of the age difference (and because that would be interesting...) and spike because he lives underground ;) i'm tempted to use spike because of the unrequited love thing... but it needs to be giles for the father thing... oh frell it, it can be spike. he'll look better in a tux...
raoul could also be spike. (or at the very least, spike when he was human... i knew william reminded me of someone :D) alternatively, if i've got spike as erik, raoul could be... riley? angel? ha! angel... :)
meg - willow or dawn. possibly anya. dawn would make sense if erik was spike for the whole getting-into-the-lair-at-the-end thing...
andre/firmin (the managers) - okay, so here's where it falls apart... one could be giles, i guess (thus meaning i have to cast spike as erik...) and the other would be... oh! of course! wesley!
carlotta (the prima donna) - hm... anya..?
piangi (the tenor) - xander...
madame giry - if dawn is meg, then... joyce, i guess.
buquet - frell knows... clem... except i'll have to kill him off... maybe i'll write in a plot twist so i don't have to.

so. that means:
christine - buffy
erik - spike
raoul - angel (oh, that's just too hilarious for words... plus it means spike gets to try to kill him a lot.)
meg - dawn
andre - giles
firmin - wesley
carlotta - anya
piangi - xander
madame giry - joyce
buquet - clem, for now.

see, this is the problem with having shows with too many characters...

(the line in question of MOTN that provoked this is "let the dream begin, let your darker side give in", which for some reason reminded me of the buffyspike thing... and the whole buffy-is-attracted-to-the-dark thing.)