September 3rd, 2002

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yet another bizarre dream

**25 days to go!**

It's a testament to just how tired I am that I'm eating micro-chips for lunch/breakfast (having only actually woken up at 12.30) because I can't be bothered to cook real chips or do a 5 minute walk to the local shop to buy a tin of tuna with which to make sandwiches. Apart from the fact their tuna is expensive…

Anyway. The strange dream. Have now resorted to very strange Buffy dreams in the absence of new Farscape episodes to feed my obsession, and in the temporary hibernation of my SunsetMuses. This one could easily make a fanfic if I had the patience to make it work. And, for one of my dreams, it made a remarkable amount of sense…

It involved only three characters - Buffy, Xander, and Spike… I'm pretty sure this is only because of the rivalry going on between the three of them in my "Cradle" epic (side note - 110 reviews and counting!) Anyhoo, they were in what appeared to be either a theatre, or just some random building very similar to (you've guessed it) one I've dreamt about before. It's sort of a cross between KEVIHS and a university - lots of corridors and several floors. The theatre part was all done out in red velvet (actually, oddly enough, I've dreamt about this theatre before, too… I saw "CATS" in it once in a dream… the circle has this huge floor space in front of the seats for no seemingly obvious reason).

For some reason, Buffy appeared to be pregnant. Well, 'appeared to be' is too strong a term because she didn't look pregnant, but she was. And, of course, due to the curse of reading too much badfic, it was Spike's (*rolls eyes at subconscious*) and Xander was there, and they were all there for… well… presumably to go to the theatre. Maybe an attempt by Buffy to make them both get along with each other. Who knows?

So… at some point during the dream, something had happened to Spike to make him all Super Big Bad again, whereby he was attempting to kill the entire population of the theatre, including Buffy. So she and Xander were trying to outsmart him by keeping as far away from him as possible until she could launch an attack on him to keep him occupied until whatever had happened wore off. There were two lifts in the theatre; one was your usual, common-or-garden lift with sliding doors. The other was a bit like those servants' lifts they had in big houses, which could only hold about 2 people at a squeeze (see "Jonathan Creek" episode "The Black Canary" if you're curious), only this one had idiotic revolving doors on it and it swayed back and forth as it moved, which to me seems a design fault ;) Anyway, Buffy and Xander end up in this lift going to the top floor… which is exactly where EvilSpike happens to be.

EvilSpike is having a merry time up in the circle of the theatre, feeding off innocent patrons, then decides he's had enough of eating people who can't fight back, and goes off in search of Buffy and Xander… who immediately head down to the basement in the rickety lift.

That was pretty much all it revolved around - although I'm sure I saw Maggie Walsh in there at one point… - and I woke up before Spike turned back to normal, but now I want to write it so I can have yet another excuse for fluff… I'm so shallow it's scary…

This one left me with a bizarre feeling of unease… not that it was scary, per se, but… it was disturbing, in several ways… And, after I woke up briefly, not liking how the dream was going, I had another one where I was playing American McGee's "Alice" on my mother's computer, at Eve's house, and her mum was there, and some random guy who I think may have been Jeff, the guy who kept coming out to the old PC… all very strange…
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