September 27th, 2002

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**1 day to go!**

well, at least i hypered myself out and stopped being terrified. at least until tomorrow...

*smallvoice* meep

well, sort of ;)

of course, you may expect a full lowdown in a few days. or whenever i'm coherent enough...
Photo - leaves

and i really should have gone to the message board sooner, dammit...

lee ormsby, who i've only seen ever playing artie, suggested some of the regulars and the 'stalkers' meet at pizza hut after the matinee at 5.15, with himself and some of the cast (not known who). i'm not a regular, but i know one of the regulars... wonder if we'll get there in time ;)

probably not. and it's definitely not going to be good for my health... :P