October 2nd, 2002

Photo - leaves

and now that those are out of the way...

i can start doing real entries again.

okay, so i've spent basically the last week walking bloody everywhere, including about 4 hours of solid walking in manchester, walking to and from uni on monday and thursday, and walking into town, and down to laverstoke last night. so i'm slightly tired, and my legs and ankles hurt.

which is why i decided to get the bus in today. see, my theory in moving into these halls was that the bus came every 10 minutes instead of every 30 minutes. which appears to be true.

i had a 9 o' clock lecture, so, knowing the journey only takes about 10 minutes on a good day and 15 in bad traffic, i left at 8.30. i waited. the bus appeared, sailing past princess alice court, where there was an even longer queue of people, and then sailing right past us.

well, fair enough. there'd be another one soon enough.

another one came along. it let on many people at princess alice, became full, and drifted past us again. by this time i was not only slightly disgruntled, but it was also 8.50 and i was heading dangerously close to being late.

then, wonder of wonders, another bus appeared. and it wasn't full. and i finally got to uni at 9.10, only slightly late...

i shall concede defeat and walk in every morning, and if don't feel like walking, i'll leave at sodding 7.30...

*heavy sigh*