October 3rd, 2002

Photo - leaves

tee hee.

so tell me something i don't know :P

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so today i was going to get the bus because it looked cold, and then i saw the bus leaving as i did and conceded defeat and walked...

today will teach me to always read the bloody notice board. normally, lectures are at 9.30, and the first one, everyone always turns up at 9.00, just in case. except today they were interviewing people and it wasn't until 10.30, and only a handful of us had actually bothered to check the board to see this message. i got there at 8.45, we sat there for another 15 minutes until the course leader, dave ellis, came up and told us it wasn't til 10.30.

so i went and had some breakfast, and did some more of my tangofic in the library til the lecture started.

blahhh. i could have had an extra sodding hour in bed if i'd known. well, at least i've got a day off tomorrow...