October 4th, 2002

Photo - leaves


i haff ze photos :)

and there is a grand total of - wait for it - 6 from sunset, possibly 7, which you shall see later if the scanner will behave. despite getting the computer fixed, it's still being cantankerous.


and this is most yay-full.

the me-and-him picture came out!


as did the one of lloyd holding the plant :D

so watch this space and they'll be up later, if villagephotos will cooperate long enough to upload them all without cutting my access off again...

(ps: sweet, i just remembered why i never wanted to curse anyone with being my beta-reader... the damn prolific muses. sorry for the sudden abundance of fic, but when joeMuse gets going, he really, really gets going...)
Photo - leaves


right, so they're all scanned. the sunset ones, i had to re-scan after two restarts because it was being idiotic and making them all hyper-bright. anyway, just about to upload them somewhere for your viewing pleasure, probably my site because villagephotos will complain i've over-exceeded my bandwidth again...