October 12th, 2002

Photo - leaves

"it's started, i knew it would..."

today, i planned to get up early (well, okay, 9.30, which is early for me) and go shopping before the crowds hit town to get the various foodstuffs i actually need right now - that is, bread (the current loaf growing slowly mouldy *shudder* although still edible), frozen chips, more tuna (i have two tins; you can never have too much tuna), more cola (i seem to spend my entire life buying cola and/or fruit juice...), amongst others. then i was going to read more of wuthering heights (i got to chapter 4 last night. it's more readable than frankenstein, at least) and copy up the rest of my drama notes from thursday.

so i did wake up at 9.30. then set my alarm for 10.30. woke up at 10.30. slept through til 2.00.


okay. i can still do my reading and note-writing up. but the shopping will have to wait til tomorrow. i can live off waffles and burgers tonight, at least...

(the quote, by the way, is from 'red dwarf'. rimmer, in 'kryten', series two. the fact that i can still remember that impresses me deeply...)