October 28th, 2002

Photo - leaves


katie's present just arrived. it rocks!!

it was a big box containing the following:
- a card, containing several voyager trading cards, pictures, and some DS9 ones (of kira, and the odo/kira dance scene from "his way") and the ten dollars she owed me for stripey tights...
- a letter, explaining the contents of the box.
- a wooden name block. reading "norma", of course ;)
- a mix tape of various things I Must Listen To ;)
- the voyager version of the gilligan's island theme tune, with t'eyla minh shoved on the end :D
- a box of real american cookies. and i heated them in the microwave and they are the most divine cookies i have ever tasted... oh, and she printed a picture of d'argo to put on the front that says "i baked them myself!" (reference to the cookie monster fic...) but seriously. these cookies are wonderful. i'm going to get her to send me more... britain simply cannot do cookies...
- many many carrier bags. american ones. and it turns out walmart is exactly the same as asda, right down to the roll back logo...

so yay!

and the party wasn't nearly as drunken as last year. the quote of the night, which'll also be a caption on one of the photos, HAS to be this, from naomi: "i'm drunk and i'm not wearing my costume go awaaaaaaay..." as she fell on top of me...

this is why we do not feed naomi alcohol. ever.

but it was a fun night. balloon wars and popcorn fights! hurrah! and sarra looked like bustopher jones :)