October 29th, 2002

Photo - leaves

i have too many CDs...

well, i just went shopping to spend my b'day money (well, the £50 of it i have left, anyway.) i went in every goddamn music store in derby in search of "cats" on CD. MVC appears to have hidden their soundtracks section, our price has closed, WHSmiths is completely useless, so i went to HMV. they no longer accept NUS without another card, apparently, but "cats" was only £13.99 so i got "the others" on tape, too...

anyway. buying new CDs inevitably means rearranging my CD box again, because i like having them in alphabetical (and also chronological) order because a) it's easier to find them and b) i'm a perfectionist. so, because i'm bored, i present you with:

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and that's not including what i have on cassette from when i was about 6... why is it i can still never find anything i want to listen to?

sorry about that. anyone else want to share?