October 30th, 2002

Photo - leaves

just a quick note

and, as the constant PMT doth descend, i'd just like to say something.

i have no money. i spent all my money last year on various indulgences such as a new computer, seeing sunset 3 times, going to the con, etc. i am now incredibly overdrawn with no money coming in, and, although it was worth it, i can't help but feel horrible over the sheer amout of money i managed to spend. i tried, in fact, to make a list, and gave up.


the little booklet for the hippodrome came through. going to the hippodrome is expensive. this season, i want to see the following things:

- rocky horror in april
- matthew bourne's nutcracker immediately after
- miss saigon
- the king and i (technically that's at the alex, but still)
- when it gets here (and, in fact, before it does, if i can) - cats.

and i'm going to the con again, having already paid for it.

now. claudia black is signing in london. and i'm not going. i'm a moron. i'm a broke moron who loves musicals too much and must sacrifice something, which just happens to be that.

i'm also a frelling jealous moron. i'm happy for everyone going. i am. i really am. and i know you'll all have a fabulous time.

however. myself being the jealous and sulking type, i politely request you not to tell me about it. or, actually, no, you may, but please ask what my mood is like first...

fangirls with PMT are never good...