November 5th, 2002

Photo - leaves

*little shippy giggles*

right. on sunday i bought the andrew lloyd webber "masterpiece" video (filmed in beijing) here we go :)

"jesus christ superstar" collection:

with someone called tony vincent as judas. he was scary, but very pretty :)


with elaine paige, of course :) and i think it's now a pre-requisite for anyone who's ever played norma desmond that they must be able to get down a flight of stairs in one smooth movement...

"the heart is slow to learn":

this is a frelling wonderful song (lyrics to be posted in next entry) and was originally stated by lloyd webber to be in what he "hoped would be the sequel to the phantom of the opera", but it never happened. anyway. it's incredibly annoying, and i wish he'd never bloody told us, because now i just want to know who the frell sings it!! (that, and it's a really good sunset-related song, but that's another point entirely...)

"the beautiful game" snippets:

the overture is nice. but the song he's turned "the heart is slow to learn" into, "let us love in peace", is horrible! which therefore implies that the apparent sequel to phantom isn't, in fact, happening. see, i think he was going to base it on the frederick forsythe novel, realised it was, to coin a phrase, a pile of dren, and decided against it... ;) but anyway. grr...


elaine paige singing "memory" still makes me sad, though not as suicidally so. plus it was a very odd version...

"the phantom of the opera" selection:

here we had kris phillips doing the phantom, and he was quite good. as this is merely an introduction to the chinese people into the wonderful world of lloyd webber, however, i will ignore all discrepancies and let them off ;)

"sunset boulevard":

kris phillips again, and i admit to being slightly worried having seen him just playing the phantom. my first thought was 'he looks too old', but then he sang the theme with just the right amount of smart-arse cockiness and won me over ;) then was "the perfect year". what can i say but "awwwwwwow!" it was shippy, shippy, shippy! and elaine paige is tiny (either that or kris phillips is incredibly tall, i'm not sure which) and it was all adorable and wow.... i think i squashed my huggy cushion beyond redemption. i spent the entire thing releasing all the pent-up "eeeeee!"s from seeing the show. it wasn't as ee-worthy as jeremy and faith by any means, but wow... it'll bloody do when i get shippy tango scene cravings :D oh, and she sang "as if we never said goodbye" in yet another completely different way to glenn close and faith brown... and equally well.

the rest is pretty much non-descript. can i say again that tony vincent was preeeddy... ;)

okay, lyrics to "the heart is slow to learn" to follow...