November 10th, 2002

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occasionally, i have amazingly wonderful vivid dreams that leave me with a pleasant feel-good feeling for most of the day (or at least a few hours.) last night, i had another one. well, it was a nice one, if not 'amazingly wonderul', but it was vivid. and, of course, fragmented. the day i have a dream that follows a coherent, linear state of events, i'll be very concerned indeed...

from what i remember of the beginning, i think i'd been to see a film, or something. and... lloyd was there, which then translates to eve and sweet being there as it turned out to be something vaguely 'sunset'-related. and there was some other guy there who i think was my father. *shrug*

anyway. for some reason, we'd watched said film/whatever on the television in the living room of my grandmother's old house. here's a brief mental map of the layout of the room. as you come in, there's what remains of one wall on the left where she had the two rooms knocked into one (and in the other room, the piano and a few chairs and very little else...) and on the left is the original room. immediately behind the door, to the left, is the sofa (a greenish-brownish, leather three seater covered in rugs), opposite that, the gas fire. next to the sofa is a chair (i think it was just a wooden one, but it might have been one of her many different armchairs), then a beam up the wall, then another leather, swivel chair. then there's a small, longish table, and finally, by the window, another chair. opposite that chair by the window is the television, and then, a little further up, opposite the wall beam, is a large wooden armchair. (see what i mean about the chairs?) and then you're back to the fireplace again. and for those wondering, yes, it's a large room. (and i've just realised how much of my childhood [um, all of it] was spent in that house, but i'm not going to get all nostalgic over it now...)

anyway. in the dream the room had a sort of elongated perspective to it that made it seem longer than it already was. seated in the chair by the window was eve (being quiet and observing the action, although i know it was her), in the swivel chair, my father, being irritating, in the chair on the opposite wall, me, talking to the two figures on the sofa, at either end of it - faith brown and jeremy finch, the latter being nearest the door. (oh, like it was going to be anyone else with the sunset-crew in the dream ;) oh, and sweet was, i think, somewhere on the floor, or possibly on the remaining chair...)

i seemed completely calm and collected about this. in fact, i knew they were there because i'd invited them, or they'd invited us, or something, but the whole thing was arranged and i wasn't being a fangirl. either that or they'd randomly turned up and shocked me so much i couldn't be a fangirl, because lloyd hadn't seemed to have recognised them until i told him who they were later and he yelled at me for not telling him... *shrug*

faith was being quiet and watching the credits of the film or whatever it was that we'd all just watched on the television (and, even more oddly, nobody was hassling her...) and i was trying to hold a conversation with jeremy from the other side of the room over the noise of the credits music (which everyone wanted to hear and wouldn't turn down) and my father being bored and annoying and making odd, random noises. i shushed him at one point, i recall.

the conversation itself, i actually pretty much remember word for word (or at least, i did first thing this morning) but i won't transcribe it. i think at first we were just talking about the show in general, and then he accidentally let slip that someone had managed to get permission to make a video of the final show as a gift to the cast. and then, of course, i was all ears and pestering him like hell to clarify it. he did, somewhat grudgingly. and then, naturally, i was pestering him to get me a copy. i was using my very best persuasive voice with my very best kicked-puppy expression, and, surprisingly, it actually worked - and i also used the excuse that the only thing we'd got to remember the show by was allan's dvd from the end of the night of everyone meeting faith. (and then he was quite put out that there wasn't one of him... :P)

by this point, we'd all started to file out as the credits had finished and they'd all gotten bored of watching me talk to him. faith was gone first, into a... blue car, i think, but not after saying goodbye to everyone and being generally lovely as usual. sweet, eve, and lloyd all got into either a taxi or another car and waited for me somewhat impatiently as i finished pestering jeremy. see, there's still something i don't know - whether or not he frellin' read TUOS. this has been bugging me off and on since may, when i sent it, and even more so since the show by the fact that i didn't ask, and faith kinda implied that he did, and last night while re-reading it myself i was in a perpetual state of "i want to know. no, i don't want to know. i'm happy not knowing. but, god, i wanna know!" etc. so that is most likely where the next bit of the dream came from...

i asked, "can i ask you a question?" (this was said as we were heading out of the from door, i remember, from the hall to the porch and out... i'm sure that has to be relevant somehow :D) he said i could. a deep breath. "well, about may, i... uh... sent you something... um..." (pretty much the same question i asked faith the first time, with it trailing off into a sort of quiet 'nah, forget it' feeling)

"oh, that! that was you?"

(har! you'll just have to imagine the combination of horror/realisation for yourself.) i said that yes, that was me, and left the question of whether he'd actually read it up to him to tell me. and, this being the lovely dream that it was, and jeremy being one of the nicest people alive... of course he'd read it ;) and went on to decree that either i was officially his biggest fan, or he was officially mine, i can't quite remember which. and then he said he'd pull some strings about the aforementioned video of the show for me, and then i let him leave ;)

then i got to the taxi with the others and told lloyd who it was, and then he yelled at me, as i said. and then it was odd. the taxi and the others disappeared and then it was me trying to get home from the cinema (which was now a cinema as opposed to my nan's old house...) the first taxi i got into had no driver, and ditto the second one, and i was trying to think of someone i could call and giggle at over what just happened, and then i realised it was only about 7pm and i'd be able to get a bus after all. and then the only thing i was worried about was the fact that when i sent the fic, it had my old uni address in the letter as opposed to my new one, and the video, if he managed it, would never get to me...

and then i woke up, even though i didn't want to, and decided to share the wonderfulness with the world at large :)

and now i have to go to jacksons for some bread, and then there's something i have to do...
Photo - leaves

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addition to previous post...

tonight (and next week, and probably the week after)



'band of brothers'

watch it. jeremy finch had a bit part (honest! sweet confirmed it!) don't ask me who the frell he plays, but he's in it. just listen for the mad squealing from the direction of derby. and if i can actually find him i'll let everyone know, of course ;)

hurrah for random repeats because of relevant historical events!