November 13th, 2002

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well, i just went to foulds (big nice music shop) to get eve's ticket for the d.c.u concert on saturday night (for anyone else that might want to come, tickets are also available on the door - £12 for reserved, £7 for non-reserved. it's at derby cathedral at 7.30, and we're singing david fisher's "requiem" and john rutter's "gloria". okay, plug over...)

anyway. foulds sells pianos. and i'm suddenly very glad i already have one. a posh wood effect electric piano (which takes all the fun out of tuning it, in my opinion) would set you back a mere £1,500. and the grand piano (i didn't look what make but i'm guessing it's not a bosendorfer) they have would set you back a teeny tiny £6,500. but i'm proud of my little walnut bentley; it has pictures hidden in the patterns of the wood - there's a stretched pig's face on the inside of the cover, and two parrots facing each other (viewed from above) on the front panel. and anyway, my uncle was looking after a huge full size concert grand (a bosendorfer, in fact - they're one of the best makes, apparently; the stradivarius of pianos) for someone once (he's a piano tuner. as such i know lots of pointless facts about the inner workings of pianos, and more or less how to string one...) and i was allowed to play it. :P not many 14-year-olds get that opportunity, really ;)

and, on a completely unrelated note, did you know there are ninety-one film versions of cinderella in some form or another made since 1898?? scary, huh? (guess who's researching...)
Photo - leaves

the first of many...

she and i have a whole bunch of these to go on when it's done and dusted (give us another 4 years; we might have something resembling content... :P) but here's one to be going on with:

minh and cyril's silly caption collection:

(i do realise it's somewhat illegible. this was an experiment, and i have been duly shouted at for it. it says: "Erk... all right. I... I didn't see that. Very sorry, sir. I'll let you finish... um... interrogating..." it appealed to my recently released inner john/scorp-er. at least, that's what naomi thinks...)