November 18th, 2002

Photo - leaves

impulse buys - gotta love 'em :)

for some reason today i was compelled to go into waterstones. i had no reason to, really. just felt like it. and while i was in there, i briefly considered buying "tipping the velvet", just out of curiosity's sake, but then figured i'll be able to get it cheap somewhere eventually. so instead, on a whim, i checked the poetry section, and decided to buy a collection of t.s.eliot poetry. i did, however, check to see if the copy contained interesting things; it does - "the waste land" (all of it), " the love song of j. alfred prufrock", "the hollow men" and, of course, "rhapsody on a windy night."

and then i sat in the learning centre and read all 110 pages of it. "ROAWN" remains probably my favourite, followed by "la figlia che piange" (not in this book, unfortunately) and section two of "TWL" - "a game of chess" because it's so... odd. but not as odd as part four, to be fair.

anyway. look out for quotes from that when i'm in the mood. and i may even start doing daily quotes in general, because my MSN usernames don't count. :P (except for thsoe certain days when i manage to find something perfect, of course.)

i'm so horrendously uninspired right now it's untrue. keep wanting to start a new novel idea, but that'd mean giving up on "omnis falsus est" entirely and letting it go the way of "the thorn bird". ideas had at 17 obviously aren't the best ones. actually, considering the plot complexities of "OFE", giving up might be a good idea... except i like it, dammit! it's just annoyingly uncooperative these days.

and all i know about the thing i want to write is that in my head it's all amazingly grey (monochromatic, even) and rainy, and set in back alleys of big cities, with a gang of characters with serious problems... but it won't gel into even the most basic premise for a plot, and that sucks. oh well.

(addendum: i guess i could go with the flow and cinderella-ise it...)

incidentally, i wrote this entry (yes, on paper) in the learning centre at lunchtime, lack of capitals and all. hm. perhaps i should scan it and subject you all to my handwriting ;) or, at least, my purple fountain pen. *sigh* okay, i need a life.

anyway, i'd opened my folder and pencil tin with the intent of writing... well... something. i just never intended it to be an entry. never mind. saves me having to think later, i guess...

Today's Quote:

"O O O O that Shakespeherian Rag
It's so elegant
So intelligent"

(from "The Waste Land" - Part II: "A Game of Chess")