November 21st, 2002

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news. just in general.

1) we got out of our theatricality&madness lecture early today, at 11.00. and i thought it was 10.00 for some reason and decided to go to town and have a mcdonalds breakfast, because i had a craving. so i got to town and realised it was now 11.10 and they'd have stopped selling breakfast. so i bought a steak bake from gregg's instead. which was cold. ah well.

2) i have a dvd-rom, and it works, so now i can make decent screencaps of things i want for my various needs... (well, for farscape episodes 2.1-2.5 and 3.1-3.10, cats, moulin rouge, nightmare and rocky, anyway... any requests?)

3) seeing 'circus of horrors' tonight with naomi at the alex, which should be interestingly terrifying...

4) i have started writing a screenplay. yes, a screenplay. as in the movie sort. and it not only looks like a screenplay should look (thanks to stephen prodding me about it for five minutes) but it works as that format where it didn't work as a prose novel. and when i have a direction and something resembling plot, i may share it with a few more of you on here. or maybe when it has a title. meh. wanna work in the movies, dammit...

Today's Quote (in honour of my having to go on a train again this week:)

"Now, I'll tell you something about the railroad. What I done learned after twenty-seven years. See, you got North. You got West. You look over here you got South. Over there you got East. Now, you can start from anywhere. Don't care where you at. You got to go one of them four ways. And whichever way you decide to go they got a railroad that will take you there. Now, that's something simple. You think anybody would be able to understand that. But you'd be surprised how many people trying to go North get on a train going West. They think the train's supposed to go where they going rather than where it's going..."

(Doaker, "The Piano Lesson", August Wilson)