November 25th, 2002

Photo - leaves

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i suddenly remembered that there was a dream i had on saturday night which i forgot to put on here. i don't remember the details now, but here's what i could establish (and yes, i do believe i can be classified 'obsessed' now.)

it involved:
~ jeremy finch
~ paul goddard (your guess is as good as mine...)
~ a pine-coloured wooden horse drawn carriage
~ a random blonde girl
~ a little medieval village, which, i think had a waterfall and a little river.

as for jeremy/paul - they were, apparently, doing a signing in said village, and the blonde girl was determined to be at the front of every line being more fangirlish than i was. yes, it's possible...

so that was odd.

today we had to do our presentations in contexts 2 which weren't graded and weren't particularly well-planned and were, for all accounts, utterly pointless.

and i have too many essays. bugger.