November 28th, 2002

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latest weird dream...

my dad and i, in his car, were trying to find a street in derby, for no apparent reason. with the a-z, you'd think this would be a reasonably easy task. however. thanks to his driving too fast, and my terrible navigation, we ended up getting completely lost on a couple of complicated road systems that don't, in reality, actually exist.

we stopped the car and looked for a landmark to ascertain where we'd ended up - i could see the cathedral and made an educated guess as to our location, and we started walking. and arrived at the cathedral. about a mile from where i thought we were.

and then the next bit had me in a shop buying a farscape DVD set on a whim - only when i got it to the till, they rang it up as £81.00, which seemed a tad excessive. i asked why. it turned out to be two for £81.00. still excessive. aha! but with the two DVDs came two limited edition episodes on video (one per video) - which had hand written labels on them. bizarre...

whatever ;)