November 29th, 2002

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i watched mary shelley's frankenstein last night - the kenneth branagh/robert de niro/helena bonham-carter version. it remains one of the only horror movies (in any form - including a crappy 1980s version i saw years ago) that can scare me. and now i realise i should have read the book properly, but i just couldn't get through it. so i'll add that to my neverending book list, including all the dickens, having decided he has an actual readable style...
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okay. i'm annoyed. i'll tell you why.

for a while now i've been wanting to make a quiz. enough bloody people do it, after all. and i thought, 'aha! seems to be popular, and if the illiteracy of the existing quizzes on there is any indication, it must be easy enough to do, right?' so off i trotted to quizilla. read the instructions. yes. easy as pie.

i made my quiz in word, stemming from a conversation had with eve last night. i made pretty pictures for the results.

now, this is when i should have started getting a little suspect, you see. the pictures - 7 of them - took about 15 minutes to upload. individually. and when that was done, i decided to work on the questions.

firstly, it doesn't allow speech marks in the titles because it frells up the html. but okay, i can accept that. angelfire did that, too. it was annoying, but i can live with turning them into apostrphes. fair enough. i did my question. clicked 'update'. there we go. a question. hoorah.

i entered the text for my first answer option. clicked 'update'. got an error message. apparently, the quiz-creator thingy has 'known problems' with internet explorer 5.5. i have IE 6.0, naturally.

wonderful. fan-frelling-tastic. i'm so pleased. really.

so, until i find somewhere more decent, or until the site is fixed, nobody can take my quiz, because it doesn't bloody exist yet.

*fumes quietly*
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right. have stopped fuming somewhat. this is the non-pretty and non-interactive version of the quiz-that-never-was.

The "How Much Of A Fangirl Are You?" Quiz

(All right, so it's basically one long in-joke… what the hell, enjoy it :D)

Question One:
You watch a television series on a regular basis and there is a distinct possibility of missing the next instalment. Which of these is the most likely to happen?

1 - you'll try not to miss the next one, but you won't be incredibly annoyed if you do. It's bound to be repeated eventually.

2- you will make sure not to miss the next one, and if you do, you will sulk for a couple of days, but then consider that either someone will have taped it, or it'll be on again.

3 - you won't miss the next one. It's a matter of life or death that you find out what's going to happen to that particular character, and it was a cliff-hanger, dammit!

4 - the idea of missing the next one is completely unthinkable. And should something occur that might cause you to do so, you'll set the video just in case - after all, you tape it every week anyway.

5 - as in 4, you'll set the video if you're going to have to miss it. But it'll annoy you that there's about 20 seconds of pointlessness before the actual episode starts on the tape. Especially if there's breaks in the middle, too.

6 - if you miss the next episode, you will complain about it continually for a year. You will probably burst into tears when you realise. You will feel cheated of the best thing in your life, and will probably be suicidal.

7 - you will not miss the next episode. Your body clock and weekly lifestyle revolves around that particular timeslot. You leave the channel on for two hours in advance in case they show it early without telling you.

Question Two:
Okay, so you don't miss it. Instead, it gets cancelled for a week or two because of sport. Your reaction?

1 - you're not too bothered. It's beyond your control anyway.

2 - you're bothered. Why does sport have to take over everything you watch anyway? However, you will wait patiently until your show returns.

3 - you're annoyed. It's not like there isn't enough sport on all the other channels already, that they have to put it on this one, and this week, of all times. You sit fuming quietly for a week.

4 - you're angry. You consider writing to "Points of View" to complain about the appalling treatment your show is receiving. You get as far as the first draft, but don't send it.

5 - you're very angry. You write that first draft and send it off in all its ranty glory. Then you make a point of boycotting the channel for a week, just so they know you mean business.

6 - you are furious. You start to plan the imminent demise of the Head of Scheduling.

7 - words do not describe how angry you are. You go outside and kill defenceless small things and tell absolutely everyone you know about the heinous crime that has occurred in the hope that they will help in your crusade against evil.

Question Three:
Okay, so you've reached the end of the series without a glitch. Of course, it's ended on a cliff-hanger. You:

1 - are momentarily bothered by the ending for a few minutes, but quickly become engrossed in something else and can wait patiently until it returns.

2 - aren't surprised. They do this every year. This one just happens to be the worst yet and you're not going to sleep til you find out what happens. Then you forget about it a week later.

3 - were expecting it, but are still surprised by the outcome. For a couple of weeks, you hypothesise about how they're going to rectify the situation, but then you realise their own efforts will be better and give up.

4 - mutter irritatedly. Not another cliff-hanger? Now you're going to have to wait 9 months to find out what happens.

5 - scream. Loudly. You discuss it with other fans for a couple of weeks, then go off to find spoilers and news as soon as you can, preferably with detailed plot synopses and reviews.

6 - scream. Loudly. A lot.. Then you rock quietly for an hour chanting "it'll all be fine, it'll all be fine, it'll all be fine…" before going off to find happy-making fanfic where it IS all fine, because you don't trust the writers as far as you can throw them.

7 - are speechless. You can't believe they just did that. Within an hour, you have written at least 2 fanfics (or one very long one) around the ending, either fixing it or making it worse in an attempt at catharsis. You continue in the same manner until the series returns.

Question Four:
All right. Now there's nothing on television for you to watch, so you find your favourite series of books to read through again in order to keep your mind occupied. You get to the bookcase to find that the first one/your favourite one is missing. Your reaction?

1 - you are very briefly puzzled, then remember that you lent it to a friend a week ago. You shrug and go onto the next/your second favourite, making a mental note to get it off them as soon as you can.

2 - you are puzzled. You don't remember lending it to anyone, which can only mean that someone has borrowed it without your permission. You immediately scour the house before discovering that it's been put back at the wrong end of the bookcase, by yourself, the last time you read it.

3 - this annoys you intensely. Someone has obviously stolen it. You mutter obscenities under your breath and plot to steal something of theirs, when they suddenly bring it back with an apology.

4 - you growl. Nobody touches your books.

5 - it's annoying, yes. But you know that one off by heart anyway, and you know of a good website that'll give you the full text. In fact, you've already printed off a copy in case of just such an emergency.

6 - you immediately send out a search party. Police may be involved. You will not rest until that book is found. In fact, if it doesn't turn up, you'll use the insurance money to buy 15 more copies and the appropriate security measures so this doesn't happen again.

7 - your first reaction is panic. You need that book to live. Then you remember that the local bookshop had it on offer yesterday - at the time this irritated you. I mean, how dare they sell it at a discount price!? Now, you reconsider and go off to buy it - you arrive, but it's been bought. So you write to the author. He/she knows you personally anyway.

Question Five:
Having finished all of the books, you're at a loose end. Now what? Then, completely out of the blue, something sparks your interest. What happens next?

1 - your new-found interest will keep you occupied for a while, but you really have more important things to worry about., such as, y'know, living.

2 - it's about time! You were starting to get bored of waiting for that new series to start…

3 - it's sparked your interest to such a degree that you start to research it and learn more about it. You're glad of the distraction this provides.

4 - you love getting new interests! And for some reason, they quickly seem to escalate into obsessions, but, hey, what's one more for the list?

5 - the new interest very swiftly takes over your life. You can't help it. This sort of thing just happens ALL the time.

6 - 'interest' is a severe understatement. Before you even realise it, you're irreversibly obsessed and inflicting it on those around you.

7 - you start theorising, hypothesising, analysing, and even fanficcing said new interest with a passion, almost immediately. Within a few months, you've even met Important People associated with it, and they know you by name.

Question Six:
You see your favourite movie star, 'character', or author in the street. Which of these most closely resembles your reaction?

1 - You don't have a favourite star, actor, or author, but you recognise someone you understand is famous in the street. You decide not to bother them. They are, after all, only human.

2 - you spot them and take notice, but aren't sure if it's really them. After some consideration, you go up to them and ask - upon discovering it's them, you calmly say hello and compliment them on their work, then walk away with no further comment and let them get on with their business.

3 - you immediately walk up and ask for an autograph, because you collect them, and have your little book with you. Or, at the very least, you have something you can later stick into the book.

4 - you immediately run up and ask for an autograph on any available inorganic surface, hold a brief conversation about their work, then continue on your way.

5 - you immediately run up, ask for an autograph ON A PART OF YOUR OWN BODY, then hold a pleasant and intelligent conversation for a few minutes, before allowing them to escape when it's obvious they're getting bored.

6 - you immediately run up to them, squealing and bouncing up and down for five minutes while you attempt to regain your thoughts into something resembling English. Once you have, you ask for an autograph on absolutely anything INCLUDING your own body, as many times as is physically possible in case you lose one of them.

7 - you do as described in 6. Then, in addition, you demand physical contact such as shaking their hand or, if you're feeling brave, a hug. Your camera-radar kicks in and you find a tourist to take a photograph so you can prove it to all your friends later. In the most extreme cases, said famous person has already met you at least once, and knows you by name.

Question Seven:
Last one. One word: fanfic.

1 - fanfic? What's that?

2 - fanfic… oh, you've heard of that, but you're not really sure what it is. Isn't that something obsessed fans do?

3 - you dread that word. It conjures up horrible images of bad grammar, spelling and characterisation, and from what you understand, it's all porn anyway. You'd rather leave it to the real writers.

4 - you've read some and found it quite enjoyable, but wouldn't attempt it yourself. You're not too keen on those 'slash' pairings either…

5 - you write it, you read it, you love it. You think it's a great way for fans to show their appreciation of something. Your own fanfic total is between ten and thirty, but most of your friends don't 'get' it.

6 - you write it practically all the time, and your total is in excess of 30, and for multiple fandoms. You write it in addition to your original work. All of your friends do it, too. You have a beta-reader to make it perfect, or you are one yourself, or both. Fanfic is one of the most important things in your life.

7 - your fanfics are infamous in the online world. You have sent your fic to someone associated with the show. They have read it., and commended you on it. You know for a fact that certain characters from the show/book/movie/whatever are residing permanently in your head, and you are not worried by this. It only helps, after all.

Count up your answers. If you are mainly:

1 - Not-A-Fangirl. You're not even a fan. You've never been interested in anything long enough. Real life is far more interesting, thank you.

2 - Fair-Weather-Fan. You think you could be a fan of something, if you tried hard enough, but you can't be bothered. You'll watch something if you like it, but will probably forget if it's cancelled for a week.

3 - Trusting Fan. You trust the higher powers of your favourite thing intrinsically, and realise that whatever happens is beyond your control. You'd rather not know about those obsessive types, though. They're too extreme for your liking.

4 - Wannabe Fangirl (or boy.) You're obsessed, or getting there, and you know it. Possibly, you'd rather not be, but it's beyond your control at the moment. You've heard that being a fangirl (or boy) can be interesting, but you don't know quite how to go about it, and doubt you have the confidence to be that excessively giggly in public.

5 - Almost Fangirl (or boy.) You're nearly there, friend. Write a couple more fics, fine-tune that manic giggle, and you'll be able to join the ranks of fangirls (and boys) in no time at all. Try going to a con or organised event and see how you get on.

6 - Healthy Fangirl (or boy.) You wilfully admit to being a fangirl/boy, but know it can't last forever, thanks to the low attention span of your obsessive nature. However, while it lasts, you're going to enjoy it, because having obsessions is fun! Meeting a star or celebrity associated with it would be cool, but you're not going to go out of your way for it to happen.

7 - Incurable and Unhealthy Fangirl (or boy.) If it were possible to be any more obsessed with something, then you'll be the first to get there. You are incapable of not getting obsessed and/or addicted to something, no matter how hard you try. You get regular exercise from continual bouncing up and down, and tune your vocal cords with perpetual squealing. When you meet famous people (including those who already know you), you lose all coherent thought, and people are scared to know you for fear of it rubbing off on them. Congratulations!

there. bloody quizilla...