December 9th, 2002

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the address for this dollmaker, by the way, is here.

right, these are a couple of characters from my as yet untitled original screenplay, along with descriptions from the text itself... just to whet your appetite...

"...She is anywhere between teens and early twenties, it's hard to tell, with a shock of tousled bright red hair and a nose ring, which indicate she is obviously not one of the working class business folk we've so far already seen. This, will we discover, is Mila. She is pale, dressed in a ¾ length purple leather coat, obviously more the worse for wear, over damaged-and-repaired black flared jeans and a scraggy grey knitted jumper. The ensemble is finished off by heavy combat boots, a home-knitted khaki-coloured scarf, and a roughly woven bag slung over one shoulder (the main cause being that it only has one remaining shoulder-strap, the other hanging forlornly from the base.)..."

okay, a little difficult to get all of that in on a doll, but anyway:

"...The movement is accompanied by a rustling sound, as the weeds part and a figure emerges from under the bridge. The figure, a skinny girl with short, spiky mahogany hair, wearing old brown corduroy trousers and a khaki green tee-shirt, with a long black coat, is carrying a scruffy shoulder bag stuffed with various items she's scavenged that day. This is Anati, 17 years old, but small for her age. It's not yet apparent if she's one of Mila's group, or another rebel entirely..."

again, difficult to get it all in. and this character was more or less created and named by naomi on the night of the circus of horrors...

the character of tay, so far, doesn't have much of a description, but this is pretty much how she appears in my head...

"...The noise level returns to its previous raucousness as one of the older girls (Tay)- about fifteen or so, with straggly blonde hair - removes the spit from the fire and slides the carcass thereon into a recycled "in" tray from one of the desks..."

(sometimes it's safer not to ask... :P)

and i will stop soon, honest ;)
Photo - leaves

random question. less angsty than the last set ;)

just wondered. if you can remember that far back (or not, in the case of some of you) what was your first impression of me. i'd especially like to know from anyone who:

a) 'met' me online via messenger/chat room/message board/whatever, but doesn't know me in person.

b) as above, but has also met me in person. did the first impressions on and offline differ in any way, if at all?

c) anyone who met me briefly and then became reacquainted months/years later before we became friends.

d) just anyone who i've known for a while.

please reply. thank you :) (no reason. just curious)